The Wall Finally Falls

Suicide Squad # 11

Written by: Rob Williams

Penciled by: John Romita, Jr., Eddy Barrows

Inked by: Richard Friend, Eber Ferreira

Coloring by : Dean White, Adriano Lucas

The Wall is crumbling, the Squad is exhausted, and someone’s gunning for the kill, AND FOR SOME REASON JOHN ROMITA JR IS DRAWING IT?! With all of that, is Suicide Squad able to reach past the struggles of a crossover and a movie depiction based cast to make something of themselves? Hopefully because this is one of my favorite titles of all time.

With a drink in hand, Waller sits with her hand over the trigger to unleash General Zod. Long time Superman villain and Task Force X prisoner since the end of the first arc of Suicide Squad Rebirth, the black vault. This shows how the woman of power, the wall, is falling from power. And I love this moment because we rarely ever see her emotionally fall like they’ve done. Her kids don’t care about her, her actions have caused her to lose her position as director of Task Force X, and now she could just end her life and the monsters she’s been controlling by unleashing the evil equivalent of Superman. It’s an emotional moment…wait…what’s ruining this moment for me? Something’s wrong…but what? Whose art is this? OH NO ITS ROMITA JR’S!!! This horrendous artist has somehow landed in my series? God help me.

So, this comic is two stories. Technically two and a side plot but, two specifically. One is the struggle of Amanda Waller, the other is the dealings and eventual vacation of the Squad being led by their new leader, Agent Harcourt. She was introduced previously towards the end of the issue prior to Justice League vs Suicide Squad. Ever since her introduction, she has seemed very straight forward but somewhat reserved, almost suspicious. Which now has me concerned due to how fast she replaced Waller. In the beginning of the issue, Harcourt finds Waller in the Zod holding room and has her removed and allowed to be taken wherever she wants by a chopper outside. She chooses New Orleans. The pilot tells her that’s where the squad is after they had been granted a vacation due to losing the trail of Rustam. The original field leader of the Squad turned villain. Now upon the approval of Harcourt, the team has been able to rest up outside of bars. Which is honestly a good thing and a bad thing in my opinion. The Suicide Squad is supposed to literally be prisoners you only let out their cages for missions. Yes, character development is good. But if they stop losing the perception of being prisoner, which it has felt like since the prison riot arc where Deadshot was walking around in full gear like he could attempt to break out any minute, they seem to be less like an expendable team and more like a family of misfits and that’s kind of a bad thing in terms of the entire point of the book.

Anyway. The book’s side plot revolves around Rustam attacking both Belle Reve and Black Gate Prison, starting riots in his attempt to lure the Squad into action. Which he successfully does. Hopefully he ends up accomplishing more in the following issues.

The comic ends with Waller walking past the diner where the some of the squad is eating (including a weird beginning subplot about Harley and Rick Flagg beginning to form a relationship…Odd…but if Croc and Enchantress can be a thing then what the heck.) and Captain Boomerang at a strip club…alright then. Waller enters an alley where someone with a gun meets her…I can’t Watch

Suicide Squad issue 11 is a kick away from the norms with an intriguing monologue from Amanda Waller as she falls from grace. The story itself is average at best but it makes you enjoy the one very good piece which is Waller. Too much of the time she is sidelined because of the Squad she leads but, lately she has been front and center.

The art…It sucks. I know that a good amount of people enjoy Romita Jr’s artwork but honestly, the only semi good quality about it is the fact that he isn’t the one coloring so it doesn’t look as bland as it usually does. The way he draws the characters is horrendous, the laziness in the detail is bothersome, and it makes me miss Jim Lee on this title more than words can describe…Apparently Romita Jr is going to be the artist for the next 4 issues so I shall try to not let his art affect my rating next.

Rating: 6.5/10

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Founder of Shoot The Breeze Media. Co-Host of the comic book review live stream Panel To Panel. A longtime comic book, video game, and MTG nerd Favorite Superhero is Aquaman...Fight Me

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