Laura Gets a New, Strange BFF in Edge of Venomverse (Edge of Venomverse #1 Comic Review)

Written by Matthew Rosenberg

Pencils by Roland Boschi

Colors by Daniel Brown

Marvel’s at it again with the familiar “Edge of Spider-verse” formula, except this time it involves everyone’s favorite symbiote (Venom) and X-23, formally known as Wolverine Laura Linney.

What You’ll Need to Know: In Edge of Venomverse, Marvel is rehashing the sad tale of X-23’s experimental childhood, this time entangling her story with the Venom symbiote that she runs across in the Essex lab as she is trying (for the fifth time, we might add) to escape. Cornered in a secret room of the labs, determined not to be captured again, she inadvertently releases and bonds with the symbiote, successfully escaping.

What You’ll Find Out: Unlike Spider-verse that spawned popular characters like Spider-Gwen, Edge of Venomverse fails to launch, retelling old tales with a small twist instead of diving head-first into new territory. It was nostalgic getting to see Kiden and the gang but the Venom element seemed underused despite the occasional inner monologue that had Laura and Venom conversing.

What Just Happened? Can we talk about how creepy it was when Laura and Venom fully merged, she was an adult female yet when she was her normal self, she appeared to be a 9 year old kid? The art of fully Venom-ized Laura is overrated at best and completely at odds with normal Laura. At the end, Laura seems to get transported to another….dimension? Reality? Universe?

I suppose we will see with the next issue.

Rating: 6/10

Final Thoughts: A slow introduction to this new mashup from Marvel. Hopefully the next issue quickens the pace.


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