Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Gives Us Glimpses Into Norse Mythology

The new Thor:  Ragnarok trailer dropped at San Diego ComicCon this weekend and wow was it ever epic!  The MCU is delving deeper into the Thor mythology with Hela, Valkyries, and Ragnarok and this trailer had them all!  I’ll break down some of the best moments for you! (if you want to see the trailer yourself, check it out here!)

  1. We get to see more of Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson. But on top of that, we get to see her leading a charge of the Valkyries.  Her character Valkyrie is based on Brünnhilde (also spelled Brynhildr) and the actual Valkyries rode winged horses and were to fight on Odin’s side during Ragnarok (they were also responsible for taking fallen warriors to Valhalla).  Seeing this army ride forth against Hela is epic!  Tessa Thompson is also slated to show up in Avengers Infinity War so expect her to return!
  2. Skurge the Executioner (played by Karl Urban) is shown a bit more here. He doesn’t seem to be anything more than a henchman, but as he’s done in the comics, he shows up wielding some pretty fierce firearms.
  3. The relationship between Hulk and Thor has always been comical. After all, Hulk is the strongest one there is, but Thor can give Hulk a run for his money.  They’ve been bickering since the first Avengers movie but here we actually see them sit down and chat, even while they are still going at it verbally (Hulk tells Thor that he is like a raging fire but Thor is a smoldering fire).  Thor of course tells Bruce later that Thor won easily.  This is one of the best bromances of the movies and we get more of it in this trailer!
  4. We also see Hulk facing off a giant wolf. I’ve noticed a lot referring to this as Fenrir, but I’m going out on a limb and calling this Garm instead.  Both were giant wolves associated with Ragnarok, but Garm was the guardian of the underworld and was to wolves what Odin was to Asgardians.  Of course, from what I’ve read, there’s some debate about whether or not Garm and Fenrir were the same characters, so it may be interchangeable here.
  5. We get to see an unusual alien for just a split second, but it sure looks like Korg, one of the Hulk’s Warbound from the Planet of the Hulk comic storyline (and the subsequent World War Hulk). We know Thor puts together a team and Korg is listed on the cast, so this sure looks to be him.
  6. One of the best moments of the trailer is when Hela says “I am the goddess of death. What are you god of?”  And Thor drops down, brandishing lightning…without his hammer!  We are given a treat by reminding us that Thor is still Thor with or without his hammer.  He is still worthy.
  7. The final shot of the trailer is our first glimpse of Surtur (sometimes spelled Surtr if you want to look him up), a mythical fire god whose battle with the Asgardians will engulf the Earth in fire! Of course, we don’t want that to happen, so Hulk, the strongest one there is (yes, I’m aware I’m mentioning that twice) is jumping into the fray!
    Are you as excited as I am for this movie now?  Let us know your reaction in the comments!

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