This is All on Me Now (Spider-Gwen #22 Comic Review)

Spider-Gwen #22 Review

Writer: Jason Latour
Penciler: Robbi Rodriguez
Cover Artist: Robbi Rodriguez


What You Need to Know:

We’re finally at part 4 of the Predators arc! Matt Murdock is the Kingpin’s right hand man, snd has gotten Aleksei Sytsevich (The Rhino) acquitted of the attempted murder of Gwen’s father, George Stacy. In return, Rhino is placed in the cell where George is currently incarcerated to finish the job.

Meanwhile, Gwen and a very scaly Harry Osborn are on the run in Madripoor from Murdock’s ninjas and two familar faces to us here on Earth 616; Wolverine and Shadowcat! Except, Shadowcat is a conglomeration of Kitty Pryde and X-23, if that makes sense. Regardless, she cares about Logan just the same. As Harry’s body gives into the Lizard inside, Gwen comes to terms with the fact that she is the only one who can dredge the “black needy goo” out of Harry and safely host the symbiote.

In this Issue:

Still in Madripoor, Harry has gone full Lizard and Logan is stoked to slice and dice, even though the Lizard mutigen is regenerative so that just makes more Lizard. During their fight, Shadowcat and Gwen have a moment and talk about SHIELD’s secret files on Logan. Logan is cursed to long tread the Earth an extra day for every life he has taken and one day more for every life he takes thereafter. Poor guy will probably see the next Ice Age.

After some serious contemplation, Gwen knows she must draw out the symbiote into herself. Shadowcat stops the fight and phases Gwen close into Harry. In an act of the bravery she continues to find within herself, Gwen uses her power ups to draw the symbiote out. There, we’re left with Gwen standing strong over a now normal Harry Osborn, as the shadow of Venom rises behind her.

Back in New York, it seems that Rhino has paid his tab. George Stacy is in critical condition after taking a beating from that giant. Let’s hope he makes it, we definitely do not want another Uncle Ben situation, even if it is on another Earth.

Final Thoughts:

As excited as I am for Spider-Gwen every month, I gotta say I was really hoping that they’d unveil Gwenom at the end!!! I’m patient though. Jason Latour hasn’t let me down with the pacing he puts into Spider-Gwen. I just have to say, if this was already in trade form, I would’ve inhaed it like the others. Prayers for George Stacy.

Rating: 8.5/10


Review By: Jessica Brake

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