“Evil Can Build Boats, Too” (Dark Ark #1 Advanced Comic Review)

Dark Ark #1


Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Juan Doe

Letterer: Ryane Hill

Regular Cover Artist: Juan Doe


God has flooded the Earth to rid it of all evil, but tells Noah, so that he can build the Ark and save his family, as well as every natural animal. Two by two. You already know this story though. There’s another Ark, filled with the Unnatural, dragons, unicorns, manticores, harpies, and more. Led by a man named Shrae, he protects his family while keeping the monsters of the world from drowning in the sea of bodies that used to be the Earth.


Below deck, the mythical and monstrous begin to lose faith, their human food supply is dwindling. How could their Dark Lord leave them on a boat mastered by a human, while another Ark full of meat thrives in the same cruel seas?

With the Vampires, Manticores, Harpies, and other creatures beginning to grow continuously discontent. Shrae focuses on his task. The Dark Lord specificially said that both Arks must survive until the flood ends. A pretty impossible task when the human meat supply is running low and there’s nothing between the monsters and his family but himself.


Final Thoughts:

Without giving too much away, I’m very interested to see how Shrae and his family will fare against all the darkness in the world. Juan Doe’s art is amazing and accurate, especially to someone like me who’s always been interested in dark creatures, I actually found myself stressing out and weighing the consequences of commandeering Noah’s Ark because it’s either starve or hope the water subsides before Shrae and his family become dinner. Dark Ark has found it’s way to the top of my most anticipated list.


Rating: 10/10

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