Batman…And Green Batman! (Green Arrow #29 Comic Review)

Green Arrow #29

Written By: Benjamin Percy

Art and Colors: Juan Ferreyra


What we know: Ollie Queen is on trial for murder, but has taken his chase of the Ninth Circle across the country to find and bring them to justice.  He has been given intel from Lex Luthor about the work of the ninth circle in Gotham City and is on his way to see if he can find any more leads.

What you will find out: Ollie Queen has a reputation that carries all the way to Gotham that allows him to fit in with the wealthy in Gotham.  He is readily accepted because of his reputation and his murder rap that is currently over his head.  The Court of Owls quickly recruit him to their meeting to track down young boy and girl in the underground of Gotham.  Quickly Ollie deals with the leader of the Owls and starts to look for the poor souls being sought by the Owls for sport.

The reveal: Even though we have the idea that Bruce Wayne or Batman has been foreshadowed in both the words and art in the book.  Green Arrow also feels his presence being in Gotham.  It is only natural that he will show and when he does, GA is not surprised.  Because as he says in the dialogue, I knew you were there….you are not going to ask why I’m here because you know everything anyway.

Arrow and Batman have a shouting match confrontation of who has the bigger reason to be what and how they are what they are.  It is some of the best interaction in the book.  It gives you some insight on just how similar Arrow and Batman can be when they around each other.

Meanwhile Henry, Emi and Dinah find out some interesting information that will that could be a big help in the near future.  It may lead the book in a new direction.

Final thoughts:  Benjamin Percy definitely did some the best writing in the book with the shouting match between Green Arrow and Batman.  The pacing of the book was alright even though it felt like the first quarter of the book was just filler to get the page count to the necessary level.  However, in the last half of the book Percy does catch fire with the confrontation and the overall writing level does increase.

Ferreyra with both the penciling and the coloring work on the book does his best work when there is shadows.  He is not at his best work when the scenery is bright and colorful.  His Batman seemed to be a little blockish looking at times especially while drawing the head, but his Green Arrow is almost flawless.  His coloring almost looks at times like the coloring of Klaus Janson on Daredevil over Frank Miller’s pencils with the shadowing and the darkness that he fills the panels with.

Final thought: Interesting issue with the interaction between two of the classic DC characters.  The issue moved the story along and made for a good read overall.  It may not be a classic but was worth the time.


Rating: 6.5/10

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