Fatal Plan (Supergirl Annual 1 Comic Review)

Supergirl Annual #1

Written by Steve Orlando

Art by Steve Pugh

Colors by Michael Atiyeh

The Emerald Empress’ plan is coming together. Will Supergirl be able to survive and maintain her reputation as a hero?


What you need to know:

The annual picks right up where the last issue left off. Supergirl is fighting a huge Solomon Grundy. Kara’s powers are still supercharged and she is causing destruction as she fights the monster. Indigo shows up and starts fighting Grundy as well. Indigo is pretending that she is a hero and undermines Supergirl in a bid to make her look untrustworthy to the public.

Meanwhile the Emerald Empress is confronting Cameron Chase and Selena is with Cat Grant. Both use their powers to get information from them. They play a video from the DEO’s files of Supergirl talking to her captured father over the CatCo reporting app. Zor-El had try to resurrect the citizens of National City to bring the inhabitants of Argo City back. This causes everyone that sees it not to trust Kara.

Supergirl decides to flee and goes to Dr. Veritas for help. She knows that everyone is under attack since she can’t contact the DEO. Dr. Veritas performs a surgery to help with Kara’s supercharged cells. Meanwhile, Ben convinces Cat to regain control of the CatCo app. She says she is doing it not for Kara, but for the brand. While Veritas is performing surgery, Magog and Selena show up to attack. Lar-On, the Kryptonian werewolf, holds them off. Kara fought Lar-On in the Rebirth first issue and they have been helping him since. Kara’s surgery is completed and her powers are no longer out of control, although she is still more powerful than she was. With her powers again under her command, she heads for the DEO where Jeremiah and Eliza, her adoptive parents, help her get in to confront the Emerald Empress. The annual ends with the Empress about to kill Zor-El.

What you will find out:

The annual shows a bit of the Empress’ background and motivation. She was a slave on the planet Orando. She had a horrible life of servitude until the Eye appears to her. She uses the power of the Emerald Eye to kill her captors and to make herself an Empress. After this, she looks for her family who sold her into slavery. She finds most of her family are dead except for her father. However, she found that she still loved her father. The Eye showed her a vision of her father’s death. He will die because of the conflict between her and Supergirl. She decided she will stop Supergirl near the beginning of her legacy. She lies to the rest of her Fatal Five and tells them that Supergirl will cause the deaths of their loved ones as well.

What just happened:

The annual was the second installment of the “Girl of No Tomorrow” arc. The story outlines the Empress’ plan of revenge on Supergirl. The story was well paced and executed. The writing was good. The art was decent, although I enjoyed the art in the previous installment more. It seems strange for an annual to carry on a story from the main book. Most annuals are usually stand-alone stories. The story will be continued in the next monthly issue.


 Rating: 8/10

Final Thoughts:

The annual is good and continues the story from the main book. The only reason I docked points was because of the art. The art has been up and down with this series.

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