Space Tie-ins are the Best Tie-ins…Not Really (The Mighty Captain Marvel #8 Comic Review)

The Mighty Captain Marvel #8 Review

Writer: Margaret Stohl
Penciler: Michele Bandini
Colorist: Erick Arciniega
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What you need to know: This is the last issue to the tie-in story arc for Secret Empire. Captain Marvel and her Alpha Flight, along with the Ultimates, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Hyperion are trapped outside the shield surrounding earth. Steve Rodgers trapped them outside to keep them occupied with the Chitauri that was coming to invade earth. This allowed Steve Rodgers and Hydra to take over.

What you’ll find out: Captain Marvel and her team are exhausted from the constant attacks from the Chitauri. They have one last chance to try and break through the force field surrounding earth or they might have to retreat. Carol is trying her best to keep her troops and friends together while making some tough decisions. Do they retreat? Do they make a final stand?

Everyone is reacting to the situation in different ways and you’ll see a stark contrast in those trying to be pragmatic. While others still cling onto hope and thinking they can pull a miracle out of such a desperate situation. Hopper and Carol Danvers both come to realizations and understandings with the situation and each other. Captain Marvel gets her miracle and defeats the Chitauri in time to rush off to face Captain America and Hydra.

Pros: Stohl is great at creating emotion and depth in her characters. Hopper is the human guy with no powers and his reactions are spot on for what a normal person would do in such chaos. Captain Marvel is the leader and you can feel her desperation for a situation she knows could go bad real quick. As a veteran I appreciate how Stohl also keeps the military aspect realistic in terms of what a leader goes through. Bandini is a simplistic artist who keeps things clear cut. Sometimes that’s better than some artists who throw way too much into one page. And at the fast pace the book was, it needed simplicity.

Cons: As mentioned, the book was fast paced and not in a good way. While Stohl brought the emotion early and tried to make it seem like all this mattered. It quickly was undone by the break neck pace of how she rapped it up. I get this was her last issue for this story arc tie-in to Secret Empire. So Stohl had no choice but to finish it here. But it really brings you out of the story when it seems like everything happened in just a few minutes. Arciniega is a good colorist, bright and full. My opinion though is that the colors didn’t match the situation. I would have preferred darker tones and a much more subtle use to show how beat up and tired the heroes are.

Final Thought: The Mighty Captain Marvel is a solid book. Carol Danvers is the main character and it never loses sight of that in a book with many supporting characters. Despite how fast the ending came, Captain Marvel is a great hero book. This issue really does a good job of reminding the reader why not every character is meant to be a leader. And why Carol Danvers is such a good one. Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers definitely deserves more out of Marvel for establishing her as important as Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. Stohl is a great writer who does her best to make the book feel as important as any title out there. Regardless of the rush job here, it’s still an enjoyable read.

Rating: 7/10

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