Step aside Superman, Sinestro stars in (Superman #30 Comic Review)

Superman #30 Review


Written by: Keith Champagne

Art by: Ed Benes, Tyler Kirkham, and Philip Tan

Colors by: Dinei Ribeiro, Tomeu Morey, and Sunny Gho

Cover by: Doug Mahnke with Jaime Mendoza and Wil Quintana



Parallax, the entity of fear has been kidnapping and feeding off of the children of Metropolis. Superman tracks down the kids and finds one of them possessed by Parallax. Superman makes a deal, stipulating that Parallax can possess him if he lets the children go free. Parallax agrees and takes possession of Superman right as Sinestro arrives on earth to demand that the fear-thing belongs to him.


What Happened:

Sinestro and Parallax waste no time, launching right into a full on superfight in the beginning of the comic. Now that Parallax has possession of one of the most powerful beings in the Universe, he seeks revenge against Sinestro, the man who captured and used him. Sinestro came with a plan, however, and the Weaponers of Qward, the planet Sinestro calls his, come to his aid and teleport Sinestro and Parallax-Superman to Qward, where a trap is waiting to knock Superman out. Sinestro takes the unconscious Superman to an underground chamber, where he restrains Superman, wakes him and begins an exorcism meant to purge Parallax from the Man of Steel, causing him to witness his greatest fears. Parallax saw this coming, though, and had already left Superman’s body.

Sinestro angrily accuses his allies of being possessed until Parallax reveals himself in the body of one of the Weaponers. Sinestro attempts to contain Parallax, but fails and pursues the fear entity out of the underground cave, leaving Superman for dead. Never to be underestimated, Superman free himself and goes after Sinestro, worried that he is too weak after his recent battles in the Green Lantern comics to survive much more conflict with Parallax. Superman takes a yellow ring and through his own willpower and hope uses it to overcome fear and contain Parallax. Sinestro demands the ring, but Superman instead sends it to Mogo for the Green Lanterns to deal with. A job well done, Superman goes home to Metropolis, makes sure the kids are all returned home, and tucks his son in to bed.


Thoughts on the issue:

This was definitely more of a Sinestro comic than a Superman comic. The function of this two-issue arc felt like it was meant to deliver a plot point that was meant to happen in the cancelled Sinestro series, namely to solve the problem of Parallax running free throughout the Universe. And while it wasn’t about Superman, Keith Champagne still did an excellent job writing Sinestro. He had all the right arrogance and smarm that the character is known for, and it was definitely interesting to see him and Parallax have an antagonistic conversation, usually the two are working for similar objectives against a Green Lantern of some sort.


One last thing:

Usually when Parallax possesses someone, they get a giant toothy grin. I wanted Superman’s mouth to be bigger in this issue.


Final Score: 8/10

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