Friends? (The Flash #27 Comic Review)

The Flash #27

Written By: Josh Williamson

Pencils By: Carmine Di Giandomenico

Colors By: Karl Kerschl

What You Need to Know:

This issue similar to issue 24 coming of 23 picks up immediately after issue 26. What you need to know right out the gate is that this is a concluding issue that brings and end to a 5 issue arc so if you’re not up to speed (ha speed get it) then disclaimer do not start here. However, if you are all caught up then what’s provided is a beautiful bittersweet ending to one of the greatest rivalries of hero and foe and could be the last time we see one of these characters for a while. All you have to know is that it’s oh so satisfying and that it definitely is one of the best arcs that Williamson has given us in his entire Flash Rebirth run. Proving the guy knows what he’s doing and it even rivals some of the New 52 Flash’s best writing.

What You’ll Find Out:

I guess this would normally be the part where I tell you what you’ll learn. In truth this issue feels more like a summary a conclusion if you will to the last 50-60 years of conflict and battle between these two. Almost feeling like a closed chapter of a book which leads to a larger narrative. Truth be told you learn why Thawne has been tormenting Barry all these years. It is as satisfying as you’d expect it to be but also somewhat pathetic, tear jerking, and downright heartbreaking so I won’t spoil it here. But let me just say it’s an understandable motive/reason that makes perfect sense within context of his character and works perfectly not just for this story but for every Reverse Flash story.

What Just Happened?

A lot happens in this issue truthfully since this is the climax and what we’ve been building to it’s much more action packed then it is character driven. However, Thawne is completely humanized here which can work for villains sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. Here it completely does because the reasoning behind why Thawne has done all the things that he has to Barry not only makes perfect sense it’s chilling to think one can create demons as powerful as these. The world makes monsters and sometimes so do heroes Eobard’s reason given makes complete sense and just feels all the more real with how chilling and convincing it is truly frightening knowing the lengths to which he goes all just for Barry. In truth if this were the last Reverse Flash storyline ever written I would be satisfied with it. The character’s ideology has been so fleshed out more so here then I think anywhere else I’ve read him.

Final Thoughts:

As said before if this were to be the last Reverse Flash storyline I’d honestly be satisfied with that. Joshua manages to explore the character in ways I’ve never seen before which transcend him far beyond being just a textbook sociopath and feel right and fit with the character never feeling like he’s betraying him. A villain as integral to our main hero such as Thawne with such rich history with the Flash deserved a proper send off and this one felt right and natural very fitting to say the least. The artwork is superb as always and the idea of what makes a hero a hero? Can heroes create evil? And of course does the hero always win? According the ambiguous ending of this issue even after defeat the Reverse Flash still manages to linger and maybe even win. Point is sometimes those questions aren’t so easily answered.

Rating: 10/10

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