Everything Changes (Supergirl #13 Comic Review)

Supergirl #13

Written by Steve Orlando

Pencils by Robson Rocha

Inks by Daniel Henriques

Colored by Michael Atiyeh


Supergirl enters into final conflict with the Emerald Empress’ Fatal Five. Can Kara survive and keep the trust of the public?

What you need to know:

This the final installment of “The Girl of No Tomorrow” storyline. In the previous issues, the Emerald Empress vowed revenge on Supergirl for her father dying in the future. She put together a modern day Fatal Five including Indigo, Selena, Magog, and Solomon Grundy. They used a device to make Kara’s powers to flare out of control. They also took over the CatCo app to spread to the public that Cyborg Superman is Supergirl’s father and still alive. Supergirl got her powers under control with some help and confronted the Empress. The Empress then decided to kill her father in revenge and shot a beam at Zor-El.

What you will find out:

This issue takes place where the annual left off. Supergirl intercepts the blast and saves her father. The resulting blast destroys much of the D.E.O. building. The blast also sends Cyborg Superman’s tube into the street where the crowd can see him in person. They crowd turns on Supergirl further.

Meanwhile. Selena and Magog are fighting the Kryptonian werewolf. Selena decides that she is not paid to fight super powered werewolves and leaves Magog alone. During this Cat and Ben manage to shut down the CatCo app to protect their readers from the Fatal Five’s plan. Cat is still very disillusioned with Supergirl.

Kara fights Indigo and the Empress and destroys the Emerald Eye in the process. This causes the Empress to return to the future. The crowd thinks that she has killed her. The public distrusts Supergirl now and by extension, the D.E.O. Indigo attack Supergirl again and gets the better of her. Kara is rescued by Cyborg Superman who obliterates Indigo with his heat vision.

What just happened:

This arc has many consequences. Cameron Chase steps down as leader of the D.E.O. She takes Lar-On with her to investigate D.E.O. corruption. Jeremiah and Eliza also quit and take civilian jobs so they can take care of Kara. Kara continues to work at CatCo even though Cat is mad at Supergirl. The ex-villain Mr. Bones is named the director of the D.E.O. and is frustrated that he cannot find out Supergirl’s secret identity. Chase has all those files wiped. And finally, Zor-El is killed by a villain named Oz who is a foe of Superman.

This issue changed the status quo quite a bit. Supergirl and her adoptive parents will no longer be working with the D.E.O. The new director seems to have it in for Supergirl. Orlando wrote a great issue, which isn’t surprising, since he has been knocking each issue out of the ballpark. Robson Rocha was the artist and gave some nice pencils. The issue seemed to have some finality to it, so I felt the need to check to see if there will be a next issue. I was relieved to find out there was going to be more issues.




Final Thoughts:

This series is shaping up to be one of the best Supergirl runs ever. Orlando is doing a fantastic job and if you are a Supergirl fan you should be picking this book up.



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