Reincarnation with a twist! (Mage the Denied #2 Comic Review)

Mage the Denied

Issue #2
Written By Matt Wagner
Colors by Brennan Wagner
What you need to know:
Kevin Matchstick, is a husband and a father of two. He is also the reincarnation of a Mythic hero that can summon the Mighty Excalibur. Perhaps you recall Silent Bob from Dogma? When he is holding the Baseball bat, that basically what he looked like. In the time from the original series his aesthetic has changed a bit. He is now bald on top, but retained his signature beard and Black T shirt with the White lightning Bolt ( think DC’s Black Adam). Now we find Kevin and his family living in the suburbs under an assumed name. The magical Community has been searching for him and his family these past seven years, while he has been living an uneventful and mundane, suburban life. At last recall he also hasa Magic ATM card with access to unlimited funds and summons Excalibur in his form of an Enchanted Baseball bat.
What Just happened?
The first issue of this series found Kevin and his seven year old son Hugo attacked while walking in the park.Kevin prevailed, but summoned Excalibur which acted like a beacon to alert the magical World to his location. This was a ploy of the Umbra Sprites. They are trying to bring Kevin out into the open and set him up for a direct attack. We see that Kevin’s wife Mags ( Maggie) is a witch, and has been preparing a spell in a cauldron these past seven years. This is a spell of protection for her family, and they establish that they have not settled down as a result of their constantly moving around.
Another battle ensues, and Kevin is forced to fight in front of his son.
We conclude with two creepy looking faeries that assume human forms to enact their schemes.
Final Thought:
I read very little of Mage in the Mid 1990’s, although I was aware of it. That said as now a more mature reader, I find it very relatable, as a Father of two children myself. The tone of the book is good, and I am enjoying the dialogue. The plot is well paced, to where it is exciting and clearly building interest.I am not certain how this will grab the nostalgia of the original series. I am liking what I see so far, and as an experienced Comic Book reader am enjoying the plot set up. It is very freeing to not have set expectations for a Character to fit into, and learning how they react to circumstanced for the first time.
Rating: 8/10

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