Walk Hard (Green Arrow #31 Comic Review)

Green Arrow #31

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Art and Color: Otto Schmidt

The pay-off installment of the Hard Traveling Hero Part 6 did not disappoint at all.  Benjamin Percy has taken us on a cross country tour from Metropolis, Gotham to the desert of Nevada and various other places along the way.

Percy has really put Ollie through a lot hoops and has explored some important relationships that have been strained in the New 52 era of DC.  Green Arrow has been considered a loner and a non-team player by the hierarchy of the major characters in the universe.  Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and of course Ollie’s assumed best friend Green Lantern have had their chance at trying to modify our hero’s behavior.

Even though Ollie has been preached too by his former teammates it has not reached his hard head up to this point.  Green Arrow has always been portrayed as a loner like Batman, probably second in line in the loner line behind the caped crusader, even though sometimes he wants to be a team player.

What we know so far:

Ollie has been chasing down the secret organization the Ninth Circle.  They are responsible for human trafficking, killing and other crimes that can be associated with these crimes.  He has finally figured out that they are using a satellite to spy on various people for the different areas that they are trying to affect.  With the help of Green Lantern who he meets in the Nevada desert they decide to see what they can find on the satellite.

Once on the satellite they are confronted by the Ninth Circle’s agent and at the end of the last issue he created an explosion in the satellite and chaos ensued.  Green Lantern is thrown out of the satellite and the Arrow is left on his own. Percy has found a great voice for Ollie in his writing of the character.  It makes the situation that he currently finds himself in make sense and it provides some great theatre in the last half of the book.Otto Schmidt turns in the best art in the six issue run by far.  You can feel the pain that Ollie is going through during and after the fight with the Ninth Circle agent.  His pencils and colors on the fourth page 4th panel really caught my eye and may be the best panel of the entire Hard Traveling Hero series. Percy also gave us the pay off on Black Canary and Red Arrow part of the book even though their parts of the six part series would probably not make up one full book in the series it was an enjoyable read.

Final thoughts:

Percy and Schmidt need to stay on this book for as long as they want, they know and understand Ollie better than any creative team ever has.  They make him believable, that he is a hero with a cause and sometimes it may not be the one that is publicly acceptable but it is the one that needs to happen to make things right.

Final reveal:

I will not give away the final few pages of the book, but I will tell you it is a discussion between Ollie and the leaders of the DC Universe.  The final couple of panels lend some insight into a certain two characters that are a lot alike.  Percy has made me want to read every issue in this series and with this issues payoff I am a fan of his Green Arrow.

Rating: 8/10

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