Heart is an Awesome Superpower! (Green Lanterns #31 Comic Review)

Green Lanterns #31


Written by Sam Humphries
Art by Matt Santorelli, Carlo Barberi
Cover by Andrew Hennessy, Bradley Walker
Published by DC Comics

What You Need to Know

Green Lanterns of Earth, Simon Baz, and Jessica Cruz have been thrown through time, ten billion years in the past at a time to a time when the Guardians were attacked by the first lantern of all time, Volthoom. He can control the power of the entire emotional spectrum, making him essentially a White Lantern.

What You’ll Learn

With so many of the Lanterns, Jess, and Simon trained, will any of them survive? Will the two ever return to the future? Can they redeem Volthoom in the past and prevent him from becoming even more of a monster in their future?

What Just Happened

The issue starts off strong with Baz crushing the white lantern with a construct of a car, followed by boxing gloves, which I think shoudlve been brass knuckles with lantern symbols on them, since he currently holds four rings. But this is a great moment fo Baz. He nearly overpowers the first lantern by himself. Then Volthoom defends against the remaining lanterns. This is the climax of the story and the artist really needs to be commended on these action scenes.

When the Green Lanterns finally get a hold of Volthoom, he starts to admit his feelings. He’s afraid he’ll never get to go home. He’s sad he’ll never save his mom and he’s guilty. But he blames the Guardians for hooking him up to the emotional spectrum because it caused him to lose his sanity. And Jess gets to have a conversation with him that proves heart is a superpower after all. In fact, she does a better job at gaining the White Lantern’s trust than the trust of the other Green Lanterns.

My favorite scene is Volthoom’s chilling line when he ensures his old friend Rami that he’s completely sane, but still, wants to kill him.

Rating 7/10

Final Thoughts

The art just shines when the characters are expressing emotion. Seriously, when Simon and Jessica smile, I smile.

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