Old Face in a New Place (Supersons #8 Comic Review)

Supersons #8


Written by Peter Tomasi

Pencils and inks by Jorge Jimenez

Colors by Alejandro Sanchez

Cover by Jimenez and Sanchez


With the help of the Teen Titans, Robin and Superboy fought off Kraklow The Magician’s clay constructs, return a magically aged Robin back to normal, and apprehended Kraklow. As the Titans departed, Jon and Damian are sucked into a portal into another dimension!


What Happened:

The issue begins on the other side of the portal from the last issue, where large rock-like arms have grabbed the pair of young heroes. They fail to break free as a face of rock rises from the ground and demands that the boys return something called lifedirt that was stolen from him. The head suddenly explodes as two young heroes called Big Shot and Hard Line swing in with the dramatic rescue. After some  amusing bickering by the boys and tense introductions with the new heroes, Big Shot and Hard Line explain what’s going on to Robin and Superboy. They used to live on a planet known as Eoroe, one full of life and heroes. Then one day, an evil sentient planet called Ygarddis came and ate Eoroe, killing almost everyone on the planet. The only reason that Hard Line and Big Shot are alive is that a great hero, the wizard Kraklow, used magic to teleport a few refugees to safety.

Upon hearing the name Kraklow, Damian interrupts and insists that he’s no hero, but in fact a villain that very recently attacked. Them. Jon chimes in, mentioning that his dad is familiar with alternate dimensions, and that the Kraklow they fought is likely a different version than the Kraklow that saved their new friends. They four are attacked by another clay golem of the Faceless Hunter. Robin and Superboy, now practiced at fighting these, take it down easily. Big Shot and Hard Line are shocked to see that they were attacked by something made from Kraklow’s Master Clay, since none has been seen since Ygarddis attacked. We get a quick glimpse of the world’s core, where Ygarddis is creating clay versions of the lost heroes of Eoroe. Later that night Jon and Damian bond in the shelter given to them to stay in, but are interrupted when Ygarddis arrives with an army of lost heroes, ready to attack.


Thoughts on the issue:

This issue is technically part 3 of Planet of the Capes, but it’s basically the beginning of a new story that was teased at in the first two parts, and it’s nice to really move forward. This issue does a solid job of setting a new scene and progressing an existing plot at the same time, but the real draw is the character interaction. Damian and Jon continue to banter and bond in an entertaining way, but Big Shot and Hard Line add another layer by introducing two competent young women to make Jon and Damian realize that they really are partners who look like buffoons by comparison, and maybe it’s time to come together as a team. Plus they two are just endearing characters and it’s going to be a shame when we have to leave them behind to go back to Earth. Hopefully at least one comes back with them.


One last thing:

Eoroe is a strange planet. It refers to itself as having a Golden Age of heroes, it apparently has some Silver Age villains like Faceless Hunter and Kraklow, but that’s kind of it. It could potentially exist anywhere in the Multiverse, since we don’t know what Earth is like in this dimension.


Rating: 8/10

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