A Traitor Among Us (Titans #15 Comic Review)

Titans #15

Writer: Dan Abnett

Art Brett Booth

Colorist Norm Rapmund

What we know so far: The Titans suspect a traitor for H.I.V.E. in their ranks and no one is really ruled out, however some on the roster are more likely than others.  This book opens up with Red Arrow behind Nightwing with bow drawn.

The whole team is on edge worrying about who is responsible for letting H.I.V.E. steal memories of Bumblebee and destroying her marriage to Mal.  It is during this time that Mal and Gnnark are in the headquarters and found information on their bases and they are attacked by someone protecting the base. The biggest part of the story in the book is the letter that Wally West is writing to Nightwing during the book.  Explaining their friendship and the trust that they have for each other in the group.  It is the letter that really moves the book and it is a great story mover during the book.  It also adds to the cliffhanger at the end of the book.

What Just Happened?

Dan Abnett’s idea to use the letter is big plus in this book it adds almost a personal touch and allows us a look into the relationships between the group and how they interact with each other.  It adds to the depth of the feelings that we for these characters and the closeness we feel with them.

Brett Booth does a credible job on the art his actual pencils are pleasant to look at he draws all of the characters with depth and feeling.  The credit panel with Roy having his bow drawn on Dick is probably the best panel of the book.

Abnett is able to give a cliff hanger during the book and it may throw some long-time fans of the Titans for a loop.  It will bring the Titans another crisis and will probably have ramifications to the team for a long time. However, Booth’s use of the crooked panel during the book is a little bit of an annoyance to this writer’s thinking.  It feels like he is wasting a lot space that could be used for something else than just empty space.  Rapmnud’s colors add nicely to the book and bring a feeling of depth with the textures in and around the characters.  He does a credible job of filling in the areas around Booth’s pencils.

Final thoughts:

The issue is a very good one for the mythos of the Titans and shows us the things that we really like in the Titans over the years.  It will probably go a long way in defining the team down the road.

Rating: 8/10

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