When Your Archenemy is Your Dad, Holidays Must be Awkward (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #29 Comic Review)

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #29


Written by Robert Venditti

Art by Jordi Tarragona, Rafa Sandoval

Published by DC Comics

What do you need to know?

This is the final part of a four-issue arc. The Corps confronts the Golems at the source wall to stop them from freeing Yuga Kahn, the father of the Highfather himself.


What Just Happened?

The issue is all action and everybody plays an important role. The artist does a fantastic job making the characters and more importantly, the constructs, come to life on the page.


The lanterns are strong, but they’re forced to bench one of their best, Kyle Rayner, but he still has the important role of keeping the Highfather’s son, Orion, alive with a construct of an alien prototype machine. Making sure they aren’t all just there to hit things is a creative decision by Venditti that makes things much more interesting.


Chased by deadly omega beams, Hal Jordan arrives late to the fight but dodges just in time for the beams to hit one of the golems in the giant circle on their chest. Turns out, that circle is the weak point of the golems, which is too easy if you ask me. In fact, it reminds me of the putty patrollers. I feel like there was a more creative way to make them write their defeat.


Each of the Green Lanterns from earth gets some time in the spotlight. John leads the corps. against the golems as they use creative force to take their oversized enemies down. Guy chucks a giant spear into the chest of one and shares his iconic smug look with the rest of the corps to show his much-deserved pride. He’s easily the most fun Lantern.


Rating: 8/10


Final Thoughts

One of the best things about Green Lanterns are the creativity of their constructs and diversity in fighting styles and this issue conveys that quite well.

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