Pancakes and Plot Points (Green Lanterns #32 Comic Review)

Review Green Lanterns #32

Written by: San Humphries
Artist: Scott Godlewski
Colors by: Hi Fi
Cover by Tomey Morey
What you need to know: Green Lanterns Stars the two newest kids in the Corps Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz. Jessica is recognizable by the green symbol that appears over her eye when she becomes the Lantern, while Simon wears a Full face mask, similar to a Luchador. This is a story called family Conflict & Cosmic Chaos.
What Just Happened:
We open with out intrepid heroes in plain clothes enjoying a healthy breakfast of Pancakes.This is a follow up story the the time traveling adventure the two of them had previously been involved in. Let me tell you something, if I impart one thing that the writer wants you to know, it’s that these Lanterns Jessica and Simon Freaking Love Pancakes! They re sad to get an urgent distress call and leave the diner abruptly, but alas the pancakes go unfinished. Also they didn’t pay the bill either. Do Green Lantern Rings have Apple Pay? I will have to consult Geoff Johns for that answer.
They find a town set ablaze by an Asteroid Automaton (which bears a striking resemblance to Gamera). They determine that it is ok to use deadly force and dispatch the monster accordingly.
On to the Family portion of the book. Now after having defeated the beast, Simon has invited Jessica to a party of his longtime friends. His best friend Nazir, who knows Simon is the Green Lantern, is despondent and will not address Simon. They had a Falling out over his new celebrity, and lack of concern for those who know him best.
There are several arguments, and this culminates with the two getting locked in the bathroom A la “Can’t Hardly Wait” to work out their differences.
It just isn’t going to be that easy unfortunately. Simon leaves and Nazir, who will come around by the end of the issue from seeing Simon on a Youtube video playing with some kids, goes back to the party.
Jessica has been enjoying the party and is encouraged to mingle, and a hilarious dating  fop-ah shows us her personal anxiety with regular human interactions.
There is a scene where in a Flashback we hear Jon Stewart telling them to get out of their comfort zone and leave Earth a bit more often.
We end with the triumphant heroes who have worked out their personal dramas, eating their beloved Pancakes. End scene as they head off into space.
Final Thoughts: First impression was that the Cover looks amazing. This is in pretty much every sense of the word a connective tissue or filler issue meant to bridge the gap in between story arks. As far as the writing goes, it is enjoyable and light. The feeling is a Buddy Cop, with an element of Romantic comedy built in. Jessica is a delight, but Simon has a personality that is somewhere between Jon Stewart and Guy Gardner. I don’t really get a sense of originality from him. Like I mentioned watching Jessica fumble through adult dating situations and fail was quite funny. She is very endearing. The pancakes I imagine must be some sort of tie to earth, that the characters missed on their travel through time in the previous issues. That explains it. All in all an enjoyable story, but nothing really relevant to any ongoing plots.Enjoyable, but there was nothing particularly great about the issue.The art is great for the story, and really the Green Colors shine in this issue.The highest point is definitely the cover art by Tomey Morey.
Rating: 5/10

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