A Hero Reborn (Future Quest Presents: Space Ghost #1 Comic Review)

Future Quest Presents: Space Ghost

Written by: Jeff Parker

Pencils by: Ariel Oviletti

Colors by: Ariel Oviletti



What You Need to Know: I guess if there is anything that you should or that you have to know is the fact that this takes place in the same universe as Future Quest(which I will hopefully be reviewing very soon) and also acts as a direct follow up/sequel which is why Space Ghost has met and interacted with the Herculoids before. Centering itself on our ghost with the most he takes full form here as our titular character and is ever so prominent and exceeds at doing so. The real star of the show here is Ariel Oviletti as this marks his 3rd Space Ghost title that he’s provided the art for to date. As usual his Alex Ross type style breathes a new layer of life into these old school Hanna Barbera properties and it just works so well here. Proving that these rather simplistic designs still hold up when in the light of comparison to overly complicated costumes in contrast. Effectively making them look better here than they ever have before.


What You’ll Find Out: Some exposition really you get some brief glimpses and a general overall run down of how Ghost Planet came to be and how the Space Force came to end. As well as what it takes to make a Power Band and the material needed. As well as a re-introduction to one of Space Ghost’s oldest foes in one of the coolest reveals known to comics. It’s just awesome.


What Just Happened? A reunion of the Herculoids and Space Ghost as well as an ongoing quest to find element Zeo to make more Power Bands in hopes of making a new Space Force. That’s basically the gist of it.


Final Thoughts: The whole issue feels like a 2-in-1 type episode of the original series and I love that. In the traditional vein of old school guest stars or comic book crossovers that feature in another character’s comic. This very much feels like one of those old school Marvel or DC team ups and I do love that. I hope the Herculoids get utilized well and properly so far they’re pretty faithful to what I remember. The writing in terms of the dialogue is very old school Space Ghost/Hanna Barbera era which is both a good and bad thing. See back in 05 DC and Joe Kelly relaunched Space Ghost and gave the character a definitive origin which was much more dark and gritty than the original series could have ever imagined the character. That series for all intents and purposes was a masterpiece and I will gladly review it some day. Only problem being as I mentioned previously Ariel Oviletti did the art on that series not only on that series but also on the Green Lantern/Space Ghost series which came out previously this year and now he’s doing the art on this series. While this book does acknowledge as well as mention some main plot points to the Joe Kelly mini series. It really is hard to tell if is supposed to be set in the same universe as that run or if Kelly’s run has just been retconned all together. Because between all 3 of the Space Ghost comics Oviletti has done art on some things just don’t add up in terms of continuity and timeline if I’m not mistaken. This book clearly takes place in the Future Quest Universe and both that series and this one have a drastically different tone that that original Kelly run. So in regards to that topic I cannot give you a definitive yes or no to my knowledge the way this series accounts some events does contradict the Kelly series I think. Again I’m not sure I could be wrong and maybe all 3 titles really are connected through their artist but I don’t think that to be the case. I will research more into this and get back to you guys when I have a definitive answer. Other than that though there a lot of shout outs to some old school Space Ghost villains that only old school fans will get(or if you watched Coast to Coast) which is pretty cool to know that they do exist in this universe and it makes for some pretty sweet easter eggs albeit not really subtle but who cares it’s still cool. Anyways for old school Space Ghost fans and old school Hanna Barbera fans alike this is a sweet delight and just a real treat to read. for an introductory issue this issue was everything I wanted it to be and just honestly a whole lot of fun. Not only does this have my interest moving forward it has my attention. Definitely listen to the Coast to Coast theme song while reading this whether or not you like that show the song is still superb. In the name of old school team up comics and old school cartoons alike I give you SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCEEEE GHOOOOOOOSSSTTTTT.

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This account is an archive of all of the hard work and writings of our previous Staff Writers and Contributors on both Shoot The Breeze Comics when it previously existed as well as On Comics Ground, our current platform.

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