Rock on, Knock Out! (Hi-Fi Fight Club #3 Comic Review)

Hi-Fi Fight Club #3


Created and written by: Carly Usdin

Pencils: Nina Vakueva

Inks: Irene Flores

Colors: Rebecca Nalty

Letters: Jim Campbell

Cover by Nina Vakueva

Previously on Hi-Fi Fight Club: Chris got to go out on the town with the girls for the first time, after a long deliberation on if she should even stick with the group in the first place. She continues to clash with D, but ended up finding a shocking first night out with Maggie; the boys from Stegosour breaking into their shop.

This time: As the gang tries to get any information out of Stegosour, the best accomplishment ends up being a series of rehearsed-sounding sound bites praising working with the legendary Rick Blaze. This strikes enough of a strange chord with Chris, and as she runs to check the latest issue of Spinned during her night-watch duty on the boys, she finds the same quotes word-for-word in the pages of their most recent interview. Chris heads home to sleep the day away, as Maggie and Dolores have a spicy-little spat over the Spice Girls blaring in the store, as a quickly-awoken Chris has a realization back at home. Dashing into the store at full speed, she blazes up to Irene’s office with her hunch in hand. There’s a code in what Stegosour was saying, some series of numbers that came from the interview Chris was able to handily crack. But for whatever the code means, she’d still pulling out straws. After work, Dolores and Chris share a rare break, having the typical rather awkward silence filled with passive aggressive jabs. As these situations tend to go, we learn that Dolores’s issues with Chris mostly came from her own; she used to be the new girl, and she didn’t get let into the fight club nearly as fast as Chris did. With a give hug and a few feelings of mutual apology, the two girls proudly and loudly call out to the rest of the club, in a cry of victory. The code leads to a specific set of coordinates in an address at New York City. But before the group is able to set off, there’s some last minute training to do. The girls trade blows in the ring, practicing hitting and reciting with boxing gloves, as Chris tries to work out her still confusing crush on Maggie. The girls share a pizza after the session, and Maggie relieves one of Chris’s anxieties, mentioning that she was only flirting with a certain barista boy to get some free coffee. As the girls ready to depart for New York, the hardcore punk band Despairagus gives a rather awkwardly telling interview on the TV; the exact same quotes that Stegorsour gave, accompanied with an equally strangely out of tune song. Rosie is missing for a reason, and there’s only so much more time to find out what the hell happened.


Reed Strong’s Strong Read: This book’s still just a pleasant little experience. As we reach the near end of the four-issue mini, we start to see some arcs begin to close; finding out Dolores’s frustrations, continuing to play with the will they won’t they of Chris and Maggie, and adding an even bigger and stranger mystery to what’s happened to the missing rock star. There’s not a lot to say at this point that hasn’t been said before, and that’s for the better. If you read the first issue and love it, you’re gonna love this series. It keeps giving you what you want and what you don’t expect each new chapter of the story, and will surely be another great gateway-drug into comics that Boom is so uniquely good at putting out.

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