Tim Drake and the Short End of the Stick (Nightwing: The New Order #3 Comic Review)

Nightwing: The New Order #3


Writer: Kyle Higgins

Artist: Trevor McCarthy

Colorist: Dean White

Letter: Clayton Cowles

Previously on Nightwing: The New Order– When the world’s savior found out his own son was a meta human, Dick Grayson hesitated and ended up paying the ultimate price; Dick faced a raid on his mansion, as he and his son were forcedly taken into custody, and Alfred Pennyworth ended up shot dead in the crossfire.

This time:  Kate Kane contacts the Crusaders on their mission as they confirm that they took Dick into custody and brought his son in to the doctors; receiving the final fatal news that Alfred Pennyworth was killed in the struggle. Kate tells them to make Dick comfortable, but that’s no problem for the acrobat. Comfortable in his own skin, Dick breaks out of interrogation with ease, escaping the facility with little to no problem and becoming another face in the crowd. Knowing the people in his life who still matter the most, Dick tracks down Tim Drake at his family home, explaining the chaos that happened with his son. Tim does his thing, hacks into the Crusaders’ database to discover that Jake is being processed at Central City. Kate flashes back to the early days of being a costumed vigilante, going to Dick’s wedding, and realizing the superhero solution wasn’t going to be the end all be all for the war she’d been fighting for years. By the end, she ended up joining the Pentagon, and recruiting Dick to run the Crusaders effort. As Dick makes his way down the highway, John Stewart crashes his getaway, the green lantern doing a fair number on the acrobat. But before either of them know what can happen, a flash of lightning whisks Dick away, and the familiar visage of Wally West welcomes him to the bitter reunion.

Reed Strong’s Pretty Good Read: The world of New Order is the most interesting part, and this issue continues to paint out what exactly happened and how things got this way. We get a little bit of slightly burnt-out Tim Drake, who draws a few memories of old man Drake from Return of the Joker. Most of this issue is a behind the scenes look at everything; seeing how Kate put Dick in power, seeing how easily Dick escapes. Dick knows how to be a hero as much as he ever did before, but when he has to turn a little bit against his entire regime, we see the dilemma that makes this book work. Wally West and what looks like a Tamaranean is by far the most exciting thing we get to see in this book; finding out exactly what the resistance is up to is going to help the pace pick back up again. I don’t think this book has passed the initial thrill of the first issue, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not giving a good story in the meantime. It’s an interesting elseworlds, and as we get another chapter in we’re sure to find the next big surprise right around the corner.

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