Worlds Greatest Detective vs London’s Deadliest Killer

Right off the pages of Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola’s 1989 one-shot graphic novel, Gotham By Gaslight is DC’s latest animated movie in the works. For those unfamiliar with what is considered the first Elseworld story, Gotham By Gaslight takes place in the late 1800’s Gotham City, where the idea of high tech gadgets and spandex weren’t a thing, and pits Batman against Jack the Ripper, London’s most notorious serial killer.

The film will employ the animation skills of Bruce Tim, known for his design work in Batman: The Animated Series, and Justice League. Working along side Bruce is screenwriter Jim Krieg ( Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox), and director Sam Liu ( Batman: The Killing Joke, Justice League: Gods and Monsters).

In a interview with DC All Access, Bruce said, ” It has its own unique look. Because it takes place in the past in an alternate universe, we couldn’t reuse any designs from our previous shows, we had to design everything from the ground up, all the carriages, the horses, the cops, the people on the street”. The film of course will take design queues from Mike Mignola, with nods to his work in the story. We’ll also get to see some familiar faces such as Selina Kyle, Pamela Isley, and Harvey Dent, though they wont be in their other personas from the looks of it.

With the film being a horror/ mystery, there will be plenty of suspense and surprises to leave you guessing. Be sure to pick your copy of Gotham By Gaslight on Blue-Ray and DVD early 2018.

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