Kill again, Batman. Kill again (Batman: The Devastator #1 Comic Review)

Batman: The Devastator #1


Plot: Frank Tieri

Words: James Tynion IV

Pencils: Tony S. Daniel

Inks: Danny Miki

Colors: Tomeu Morey

Letters: Tom Napolitano

Cover: Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson

This time: Lobo becomes the last man standing for the Justice League, as he faces off with the hulking monstrosity known as Batman the Devastator single-handedly, and the bastisch does his best to end up in an not-all-too-unfamiliar state: being tossed into the sun. We get a flashback to before the chaos of the dark knights took over, to the last time we’d seen Lois Lane, going off to investigate a serious hunch. When Bruce Wayne shows up right at the door, he informs her that saving Superman isn’t the answer; and as he transforms into the Devestator, that all he wanted to do was save her from the Man of Steel. On Earth Negative One, we’re met with a story of Superman gone furiously rogue, leaving Bruce very few options to deal with his murderous rampage. As he puts his hand on his belt, he activates last measures; injecting himself with the Doomsday virus, and becoming a monstrous beast of stone and anger, stabbing Superman through the heart to finally stop his reign. As the Batman Who Laughs recruits him to his cause, back on Earth Zero, Jon Kent finds his mother in desperate circumstances. As she begins to succumb to the Doomsday Virus, stone and rock start taking her skin, and she has no response to Jon’s cries of his father and hope. As The Devastator roars above conquered skies, Jim Gordon and people the earth over look on in horror at the sky above, as the Dark Multiverse’s prison of Supermen starts flying towards earth.

Reed Strong’s Strong Read: As the plot of Metal continues to build and add more points to its structure, the more some of the Dark Nights tie-ins have to carry some of that crossover. The Devastator tells another tale of a dark Bruce Wayne, but the main focus of the issue ties in directly to the fate of Superman in the last issue of Metal. This gives us the oft-asked question of who would win in a fight, Superman or Batman, but in a different way. It’s not about the blows the two traded back and forth, but about how much obsession can really take over someone’s mind when something they’ve long feared comes truth. This is a Bruce, not unlike many others, who always had his suspicions of Clark, and here they were proven true in some of the darkest ways possible. The mind of this Bruce makes him the most interesting ones since Bryce; damn certain on the fate of all Supermen to be dark, evil, chaotic machines of nothing but malice and lies. It’s another really strong issue and another important key to the story when we’ll eventually hit Metal #4, and with only one Dark Night left to unveil, it’s time to see what’s so funny.



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