From Disney Channel Star to DC Hero

Around the end of October, DC had cast Zachary Levi to play Shazam, formally known as Captain Marvel. Prior to that we had heard rumors that Dwayne Johnson or Mark Strong would play the role of Shazam’s arch nemesis, Black Adam. As of a couple hours ago we officially have our Billy Batson, Asher Angel.


Asher Angel is a young American actor from Paradise Valley, Arizona. He’s known for his roles in Disney’s Andie Mack (2017), Jolene (2008), and Hate From a Distance.

For those who aren’t familiar with Shazam, he is a DC Powerhouse whose on par with Superman, with magic on his side. Billy Batson only has to say one word, “SHAZAM!!”, and he turns into an adult hero. Shazam is an acronym of ancient gods and historical figures, S for Solomon the Wise, H for Hercules, A for Atlas, Z for Zeus, A for Achilles, and M for Mercury. Billy can call upon the abilities of these figures while in his adult form.


Shazam is scheduled for release April 5, 2019, and will be directed by David Sandberg.

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