Down the Rabbit Hole (Batwoman #9 Comic Review)

Batwoman #9

Writer: Marguerite Bennett

Artsit: Fernando Blanco

A wild ride of discovering your true fears and their sources and how to overcome them and bring strength from that, issue nine gets real.

This issue was so enjoyable for me.  We really get to learn more about Kate, we see even more about how her inner fears from the last issue have controlled her and, essentially, held her back.  We see how even Kate is learning more about herself and maturing as she takes on her deepest inner fears in an imaginary world in the the real face of danger.  It’s really exciting to see how she eventually takes these fears and transforms them in a way she can use them against her enemy.  Probably one of the neatest turn of events I have seem thus far in a batwoman comic.  I feel this issue also let you get a lot of self reflecting on yourself, it really got me thinking on how I could also repurpose my fears into a better me and overcoming challenges.

The art in this issue is so fun to me, we even get a little bit of quirky warping of some images that add the perfect effect to the situation.  This issue used more brighter and bolder colors than some of the past, but it really fits this particular arc and where it’s heading.  Some of the art gets a little disproportionate, but over all it is really minor and almost just adds more to the creepy and weird fear effect this arc is focusing on.



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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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I really enjoyed this issue, and the last two pages really excited me for the next issue, certainly a must read.

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