One Batch, Two Batch, Penny & Dime (The Punisher Season 1 Review)

Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix series has given us a good handful of characters, from Daredevil himself, to Elektra. It has also helped bring other shows to life such as Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. One character that got his spotlight due to Daredevil is Frank Castle, aka the Punisher.

Frank Castle debuted in Amazing Spider-Man #127 in February of 1974. In the comics he was a Vietnam War vet who witnessed the murder of his family at the hands of the mafia. The show has kept to the source material but gave it a more modern touch. Instead of the Vietnam War, Frank is a veteran of his tours in Afghanistan. Another altercation of his origins is how his family died. Instead of being gunned down by the mafia, they were caught in the crossfire of a rival gang war. Besides those altercations, nothing much has changed and we got the Frank Castle we know and love.

As for the series itself, it takes place months after the end of Daredevil season 2. The Punisher has avenged his family’s death by killing every scumbag criminal involved in their murder. He burns his gear and tries to start a normal life as a construction worker. His past comes back to bury him for good and forces him to resume his war on crime and corruption. Since the season is about Frank becoming The Punisher again, it starts off slow, becoming more of a detective show than a vigilante show. Majority of the time, Castle is killing off corrupt government officials that somehow had a hand in his family’s death or soldiers and agents who don’t know their fighting for the wrong people.

As for side characters, first off is Microchip, or Micro, as he is called in the show. Granted, I don’t know much on The Punisher mythos, but I have been told that Micro is his guy in the chair, feeding him information and technical support. Like Frank, the government believes he is dead. Next we have Karen Page, who returns to assist Castle in his mission with leads and whereabouts. On Castle’s tail in persuit, are Agent Dinah Madani and Agent Orange aka William Rawlins, who believed Castle to be dead, one pursuing him for answers and the latter to prevent the truth from leaking.

Finally, we have the villain of the season, Jigsaw. No, I don’t mean the guy from the horror movies. Jigsaw in the comics gets his name from the disfigured face he has. As for a villain to start the series off with, it works that they used The Punisher’s first nemesis.

The action scenes were great as always with the Marvel Netflix shows. We also get a glimpse into a war vet’s mind and I appreciate how they don’t sugarcoat it. There are some characters the show that delves into to help bring PTSD and the issues of gun violence into light.



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I certainly enjoyed The Punisher season one, and I do recommend it to everyone. It is possibly my 2nd favorite Marvel series.

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