Struggles of Vanity (Justice League of America #20 Comic Review)

User Rating: 8

Justice League of America #20

Writer: Steve Orlando

Artist: Hugo Pertrus

Colors: Hi-Fi

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Cover: Carlos D’Anda

Last time on JLA: Prometheus brought the fight from the people to the Justice League; systematically striking one by one to break the team’s spirit, and show the world how weak he thinks the team really is.

What’s Happening? With Reed Strong: With Afterthought recently slain by Killer Frost, the team does its best to keep their wits about them in their hopefully final bought with Prometheus. There are some clever uses of powers as Lobo’s biology is used as a tricky to survive the bombs Prometheus laced the building with, and the fight with Prometheus itself is rather quickly brought to its conclusion. The JLA didn’t lose the peoples’ faith, and this belief is used to take down the dark knight- as well as finally take him into custody. Lobo grills the whole team for not being that different from him after all post-fight; taking a few strikes at Frost who’s forced to come to a painful conclusion about herself and her place on the team. The Ray finally gets a break to go back to his partner and roam in protection his city of Vanity once again, as a dark figure grins in the foreground, ready to take him down.

Reed Strong’s Strong Read: The way that the fight with Prometheus is, no pun-intended, almost an afterthought in this issue, perfectly exemplifies the ways Steve Orlando has continued to make this book pop. The focus gets to be on what a fight actually meant to the team, and everyone continues to be aware of their relationship to the team as well as the public. Nothing is taken for granted, and Prometheus’s message still stuck even after he was physically bested. With the tease of what’s to come for the Ray and the city of Vanity, long-time fans of Grant Morrison’s JLA or a certain mini-series will know what to expect, and as always, Orlando seems ready to give us his own spin on someone, or something, long forgotten to the Bleed.

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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Prometheus meets his downfall in the conclusion to a solid small arc, and the weirdest JLA yet continues to learn more about themselves as their enemies try to learn more about them.
  • Great character moments to match a great fight.
  • Continues Frost's arc without reverting it.
  • Gives the villain as much weight as the heroes.
  • Prometheus himself gets resolved very quickly.
Story - 8
Art - 8
Character Development - 8

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