Time Plus Tragedy (Action Comics #994 Comic Review)

Story and Pencils by Dan Jurgens

Inks by Art Thibert, Trevor Scott, Johnny Desjardins, and Joe Prado

Colors by Hi-Fi

Cover by Dan Jurgens, Trevor Scott and Hi-Fi

Previously: On the search for answers surrounding his father’s possible escape from the death of Krypton, Superman used the Cosmic Treadmill to travel to the moment of his homeworld’s destruction. Something created a ripple in time, and Superman found himself on a Krypton from a different timeline. In his quest to maintain the timeline, Booster Gold travelled there to to stop Superman!


What happened: Booster Gold and Superman arrived in a restricted area on Krypton, and are on the run. Eradicator robots pursue the duo through the streets of Krypton, as the two see more examples of Time being broken as they see a Krypton that shouldn’t exist. They escape the robots and power armor and make their way back to Booster Gold’s time sphere. When they have a moment to breathe, Skeets escapes that while the timeline they are in shouldn’t exist, it’s not yet permanent. This time fragment they are in is causing Time to reconfigure itself around it due to their presence. This means that this timeline will become real if they don’t get back to the normal timeline and allow it to fade away.

Meanwhile, back in the present and on Earth, Lois Lane is going through her own issues with her father. Sam Lane was captured while deep undercover in Logomba, and has been disavowed by the US Government. Failing to find help with any of General Lane’s colleagues, Lois decides she is going to take matters into her own hands. Back on Krytpon, Jor-El and Zod manage to track down Superman and Booster Gold, and send another squad of Eradicators after them. Booster takes Superman and Skeets into the Time Sphere and they escape the timeline. As they leave, Superman is forced to watch a history of Krypton that would never be, one where the people of Krypton evacuate before the planet dies, and the house of El lives on for generations. After witnessing the timeline fade, Superman attacks Booster and sends the Time Sphere off course. They crash land in the 25th century, and out of the Time Sphere comes an Eradicator that followed them from Krypton!


Thoughts on the issue: We only just got to Krypton, and the only thing that Superman and Booster Gold did while they were there was try to leave. Superman was forced to witness the death of his people and it feels like the only purpose it served was to make Superman even more sad and insecure than he was after The Oz Effect. We’re reaching a point where it just feels like the story is bullying Superman, but the plot isn’t really moving or doing anything. No answers, no information, just an odd recreation of the famous Black Mercy story. And one more thing: If a B plot is only going to be in literally one page, maybe save it for the next issue when you can do more with it.

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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Booster Gold and Superman are in the wrong place at the very wrong Time!
  • Alternate History of Krypton
  • Eradicators look cool and intimidating
  • Alternate History of Krypton
  • Tragedy for tragedy's stake
  • Random pacing interruption with the single Lois Lane page
Writing - 5
Artwork - 8

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