Kara Danvers or Supergirl? (Supergirl #17 Comic Review)

Written by: Steve Orlando and Jody Houser

Penciled by: Robson Rocha and Julio Ferreira

Inked by: Daniel Henriques and Julio Ferreira

Cover Art by: Michael Atiyeh, Robson Rocha, and Daniel Henriques (Variant Cover by: Stanley “Artgerm” Lau)

Story so Far:

Supergirl is still being hunted down by Director Bones and the DEO. They issue out demand after demand for Supergirl to reveal herself. Kara’s parents fear for her safety, so they forbid her from acting as Supergirl until the DEO blows over. However, with the world in more and more danger, Kara simply cannot stand by. In a true testament to her humanity and compassion, despite the dangers she finds herself in, Kara acts as as Supergirl once more. Sharon Vance has somehow come back, and the full story on that has not been revealed aside from Director Bones having his hand in the matter. Sharon is taken down by Supergirl, but before they could talk about how she ended up back on Earth, the DEO show up. This leads us to think that each of these attempts are set ups to get Supergirl to falter long enough to capture her. It’s backed by what we know of Director Bones’ motivations as the main villain of this arc.

What Just Happened?:

Supergirl faces off against Starshame. After a glimpse into Starshame’s tragic history, we can easily see how she fell into the trap of anger and hatred towards others who would also fear and exile. Starshame destroys a yacht in her anger as an attempt to see what was more important to Supergirl. Taking her down or saving the humans. What would she do? Of course, this isn’t really a question, given Supergirl’s compassion and love for all living things. Supergirl saves the people on the ship, before attempting once more to subdue Starshame. Again, we see a complete snap back in judgement from the person Supergirl is facing off with. Once a specific gas touches Starshame, you can see the shock in her eyes. She does not know how she got there, and worse, why she is fighting. Director Bones, the main villain for this, is angry that his attempts to capture Supergirl are once more thwarted. Supergirl makes herself more of an enemy to the DEO. It’s definitely not like we could have seen that coming, right? Supergirl carefully disarms the people threatening her and moves on. Meanwhile, Kara Danvers is trying to find her place in the world as Supergirl AND Kara.

As we see more of Kara and how the world views the Supers, we are shown her mindset more and more. Everyone fears for her, but she can’t let the bad guys win. It’s just not who she is, and it never will be. I love seeing Kara grow throughout these arcs. Her character development has always been a strong suit for Orlando, and this arc does not disappoint. While I was concerned last issue about the pacing and how we will see the arc grow, I find myself less nervous. The writing was phenomenal, and I appreciated how we got to see Kara finally let loose for once as Supergirl AND Kara Danvers. This was a rare moment; one that won’t easily be forgotten.

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Christina Williams

Christina Williams

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I'm Christina. I'm 22, and I read comics often as well as draw. We see a whole new world when delving into comics, and one of my passions is sharing that world with others. I hope I can draw more readers into the realm of comics!
Christina Williams

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Kara Danvers is once more faced with the impossible choice between being Supergirl or Kara. We see her internal conflict among literal conflict throughout the issue. Where will the DEO's fight against her lead? Just why do they want Supergirl so badly? Who is Director Bones?
  • The art maintains its excellence.
  • Character development continues to be a strong suit for the series.
  • Kara's compassion knows no bounds.
  • DEO still strikes at too convenient times.
  • The arc build up is progressing, but it still feels rather slow.
Art - 9
Plot - 7
Writing - 7
Fluidity from Previous Issue - 6
Character Development - 9.5
Written by
I'm Christina. I'm 22, and I read comics often as well as draw. We see a whole new world when delving into comics, and one of my passions is sharing that world with others. I hope I can draw more readers into the realm of comics!

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