If you know you’re insane, are you still insane?(Kill or be Killed #15 Review)

User Rating: 9

Kill or be Killed #15

Ed Brubaker

Sean Phillips

Elizabeth Breitweiser

What you missed: 

After a showdown with the Russian mob Dylan discovered the “imaginary” demon  in his head he thought he was over had come back.

Breakdown: We start off with Dylan in a mental institution and in classic Kill or be Killed fashion we get a flashback to find out what got him there. After the conclusion of issue #14 Dylan tried to act like everything was normal, except the demon was everywhere. Everyday it was whispering in his ear all the bad things people around him had done and how they deserve to be killed and that oh by the way you’re going to owe me a life soon. This is obviously threatens to drives Dylan insane (or even more insane). But right when he is about to spill the beans to Kira he catches Mason trying to eavesdrop. And with a little egging on from the demon he almost kills him without Kira there to knock him out.

So we’re back at the beginning and despite medication and therepy, the demon is still there. Thinking talking about him will make him go away, Dylan confesses to being the vigilante, only to be laughed off because the vigilante apparently killed three people only last night!


A great start to the new story arc that changes it up a little bit but is still fantastic. While pretty much every previous issue revolved around Dylan plotting to or carrying out a murder on somebody, it was nice to switch it up a little. But one thing that could have used a switch up was use of flashbacks. I know the entire story is told as basically one big flashback from much further in the future, but I feel like they’re using the flashback within a flashback thing a little too much. I mean since we’re caught up at the end, just doing it chronologically wouldn’t have made it any worse.

But the content was, as always, fantastic. The question of whether or not the Demon is real continues on. I’ve been on both sides of this multiple times now, but with the demon giving him the heads up about Mason listening and the fact that his half brother and maybe father saw the same thing, I’m leaning more and more towards real. And of course the question of the issue is, who is the other vigilante? I don’t think it’s anybody we’ve seen yet, unless we get another Kira only issue where she finds out that Dylan was the vigilante and kills some people to give him an alibi in case he confesses. Which I could see happening! I feel like she is already catching on to Dylan and the early cover with her holding a shotgun could have been hinting at the future…

Possible future?

But in other news Brubaker officially confirmed that a movie version of KIll or be Killed is in the works! It’s still early and the script isn’t written but it sounds like the director of the John Wick movies is attached, which bodes awesomely for this. So keep your eyes out and pick up Kill or be Killed so you can get in before everybody jumps on after the movie!


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A great start to the new story arc, that changes things up, gives us a big new question and still stays fantastic.

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