BREAKING NEWS: Scott Snyder and Brian Michael Bendis working on upcoming crossover!

Ever since Brain Michael Bendis announced his departure from Marvel Comics in order to begin writing for DC, fans have wondered when and where we would see write in the DCU. While the question of what series Bendis might be writing after his backup with Jim Lee in the upcoming Action Comics 1000 remains elusive, we now at least know who he’s going to be working with when the time comes: DC’s own golden bat-boy, Scott Snyder. In an interview discussing the upcoming Metal #5, we talked to Snyder about his knack for collaboration. He told us that Brian Bendis is at the top of his list, and that the two have been meeting to collaborate already. When asked if that meant a Snyder/Bendis Batman story would be coming soon, Snyder replied

Yeah, or Snyder/Bendis something. I don’t wanna give away what he’s on or what I’m on, you know, post-Metal, but you’ll definitely see collaborative stuff. We’ve already been collaborating in terms of sharing all our scripts and all that stuff. But in terms of the actual books crossing, we’ll give each other a little room to get going and I think hopefully we’ll start to sort of  join in together. Because we certainly both get along and we have similar sort of sensibilities about it.

DC has yet to announce the ongoings that Snyder or Bendis will be working on after Metal, but they are likely to spin out of the upcoming Justice League: No Justice miniseries. Once those series are up and running, we can expect a crossover from two of the industry’s biggest titans to come soon after.

Read the full interview here!

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