Snitches Get Lightning (Black Lightning Episode Ep. 4 TV Review)

This episode was riddled with questions of power and the discussion of what makes a hero.

Just when you thought the city of Freeland had enough to deal with, a new drug called Green Light hits the streets and apparently it’s more addictive than anything to date. One of Jefferson’s students is hopped on the drug and somehow it gives him super human strength…Not wanting to use his powers, Jefferson is forced to put him down in a way that only knocks him out but it puts him on track to look into what happened, what is this new drug, and who is selling it. This altercation also has a lasting effect on his career as the School Board seems to think he’s losing control and they offer him a choice – give up his power to have the final say on all disciplinary decisions or let the young man be expelled. You can see his struggle as his students are very important to him…The fact that he is willing to give up his controlling vote to ensure a young man can continue his education speaks volumes about his character. This writer firmly believes every inner city school needs a principal like him.

Lady Eve…Lady Eve….Lady Eve! She has only had small appearances so far but she makes sure you feel her presence on screen as sure as Tobias felt her urgency when she told him to kill Black Lightning. We see her digging around a person’s insides on a table…Kind of like a mortician? As she’s cleaning the body out, she stresses to Tobias the importance of putting down their rival quickly and quietly…Not doing this means that her partners will think about getting rid of him. So now we find out that she has partners…

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While he’s fighting for his students, he’s also fighting for his family. As Anissa becomes more acclimated to her powers, she also finds out that power comes with responsibility and restraint when necessary. We see a moment where she picks up some students who are hanging out on a corner with some gang members who threaten her with a gun. She comes back later and with her power she tries to teach them a lesson but she realizes quickly that getting revenge has consequences as she literally knocks the air out of the young men’s lungs to the point where they have trouble breathing. Her hands start to shake as she realizes what she’s capable of and calls the police. Also when she is defending Grace, she stomps hard enough to leave a small crater in the ground. She already feels some kind of way after having a dinner at her parent’s house with Inspector Henderson and his wife where she doesn’t shy away from discussing Black lightning and if he’s helping or hurting the community. She believes that he is the hope their community needs as change doesn’t seem to be happening fast enough. If one has power then they must use that power to help everyone right?Image result for black lightning black jesus

Jennifer is slowly coming apart emotionally…Right now all she wants is for Khalil to be okay. Her emotions are all over the place as she just wants to focus on him but she starts to give up on the things she cares about as well which isn’t good. For a second she believes her parents just don’t care when they tell her that she needs to not forget about school and her commitment to the track team. She decides to quit the track team as a way to show her parents that she’s serious about taking care of Khalil but when she tells Khalil, he barely has a reaction and you can see her surprise and devastation. Here she is coming to see him, helping to motivate him to let him know she cares, quitting something that’s very important to her and he barely responds. In that moment she looks defeated…Wondering if everything she thought he was is a lie.

Meanwhile, Tobias’ sister rolls into town driving a very nice car and with the best intro song on television and meets up with her brother to discuss how to take down Black Lightning. She has a great idea – turn Khalil against the hero. Use him to tarnish the hero’s image and let the people do the rest of the work. He sends gifts to Khalil and he eats them up, not guessing who they’re from and since he just received the devastating news that his spinal cord is completely severed it won’t take long for Tobias to bring him into his scheme to turn him on Black Lightning.

Some additional thoughts to keep in mind:

Gambi is still hiding things as he erases the feed of Anissa’s fight and tries to investigate the area himself…

Did anyone see that the body on Lady Eve’s table was alive???????? What was that about??

Lynn is against her husband using his powers and her disdain grows more and more each day…How will she react when she finds out their daughter has her own?

Next week’s episode will hopefully answer these questions and more so make sure to watch…But first?? Let’s take a selfie:)

Favorite Track of the Episode – Flex by Ingrid & Sevyn Streeter

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  1. I think the guy on the mortician table is getting some snitches get stitches treatment Lady Eve style. This series has definitly peeked my interest. Looking forward to next weeks episode.

    • Exactly…lol! I gasped when I saw he was still alive…She is definitely a savage

  2. Lady Eve was a G on this ep, definitely the right mix of beauty & savage. This one hit us from a different angle as we see issues that creep in to the regular part of Jefferson’s life. Thankfully he made the stand up decision though he gave up something as well. Sometimes to be the hero and honor what that entails you have to sacrifice and Jefferson did. It’s for sure a testament to his passion for the young men in his community.

    I like Anissa’s growth here too and wouldn’t be surprised if she did somethings that are not very hero like in the future because honestly I think that feeling of being unstoppable or basically a God could cloud anyone’s judgement. The scenes were still interesting though because it shows she is coming to grips with what she is and will have to make a decision with what she’ll do. Having powers isn’t always clear cut as far as what to do with them.

    Going to keep an eye on Khalil as well…


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