Dragon’s Duel! (Nightwing #42 Comic Review)

Nightwing #42: The Crimson Kabuki

Written by: Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing

Art by: Jorge Corona

Cover by: Jorge Jimenez

What You Missed:

Nightwing is trying to bounce back after finally defeating a long time hidden foe in the form of the Judge! It really shook Dick up and made him question his confidence in both himself and the company he keeps. Now, one of Dick’s family members is in danger. His former Robin, Damian, has been kidnapped!


What Just Happened:

Nightwing is in Japan on “vacation” but of course, that gets derailed when he has to rescue Damian from a group of ninjas called the Crimson Kabuki. Nightwing must fight through various levels to get to Damian, defeating a “boss” on each level that tests various aspects of his own training.

My Thoughts:

You can skip this one. It is nothing more than an interlude issue on a topic we’ve heard about in multiple issues in better ways. Dick and Damian hold a special brotherly bond that goes beyond the rest of the Robins because of their time together when Dick took up the mantle of the Dark Knight. This issue doesn’t really explore that idea anymore; it just shows Nightwing in a Japanese setting, saving Damian and Damian telling the story about his brother. Also, I don’t care for the Japanese setting as I’ve seen it a dozen times with dozens of characters. This issue doesn’t even try to do something cool with that setting, its just boring, cliche, cookie-cutter nonsense.

We get it. They’re like ninjas. We’re over it.

The art was tired as well, nothing really popped or excited me. It was definitely not my taste because it was so muddy. I would much rather see these characters drawn in a clean, dynamic way. This was not that.

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I'm not going to stop reading because of what has already been done and the potential I think is still there. However, I really wish they would steer away from these filler issues unless there is something that really contributes to the characters overall.
  • Brotherly Love
  • Cliche, boring
  • Muddy art
  • Tired storyline
Story - 2
Art - 3
Retention - 5

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