And the winner is…(Harley Quinn #41 Comic Review)

Harley Quinn #41 Angry Bird Part 5

Writer: Frank Tieri

Art by: Mauricet

Cover by: Amanda Conner 

Variant cover by: Frank Cho


RECAP: In the previous issues, we’ve watched Harley be down and out with her crew and now the Mad Hatter is after her at the Penguin’s behest.

IN THIS ISSUE: The issue opens with a mob of people out to kill Harley and her gang! *Yikes!* But she’s got Killer Croc with her as back up! He takes out Mad Hatter in one fell swoop and the mob of people start waking up unsure of how they got there. All seems right for a moment until Harley’s gang start to question her actions. She reminds them they’ve got bigger fish to fry and then, in a moment of regret, she tells them why she left them in the dark and asks for forgiveness and their help.

Meanwhile over at Coney Island, Penguin has been very busy building his new resort.  Harley and the gang show up with Poison Ivy and Catwoman just in time to fight with Penguin’s crew. The fight escalates and Harley and Redtool take off to face off with Penguin.  It’s the final showdown we’ve been waiting for and it really doesn’t disappoint. Harley is generally not conventional in her approach to problems but this issue shows that we all need a helping hand from time to time.  I always love when the artist show’s a versus panel showcasing the entire team vs. team. You can almost see everyone ready to fight it out!

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