Way Leads to Way (Suicide Squad #40 Comic Review)

Suicide Squad #40 Shock and Awe Part 3 – The Conclusion

Written by: Rob Williams

Cover by: David Yardin

Variant Cover: Andrea Sorrentino

Art by: Julio Ferreira, Eduardo Pansica

Previously on Suicide Squad: The Wall mind controlled all of Washington DC in an attempt to get to Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad, but mostly Waller.  At the very end of the last issue, The Wall took the hacked info from the Pentagon and found Waller’s daughter who was in the hospital because she just gave birth.

This Week: The issue begins by telling us a little bit about Waller’s background and how she came to be the woman we know. Heartbroken and surrounded by loss, she became hardened and wanted to stop bad things from happening. It makes sense that she became what she did, but at the same time, you can see how she lost her way a bit. After the flashback, we jump right back into the story where The Wall is about to kill Waller’s daughter and a new grandbaby, but before he can finish the job Waller’s two sons come in and take him down, but not without injuring one of them. Good thing they’re in a hospital. We discover that the wall has been hacked by none other than Hack. She is out for revenge against Waller for destroying her previously.  Hack gives Waller a choice: Give up her family, or her government secrets. The clock is ticking as Hack’s grasp on The Wall is fading fast and Waller has to decide quick.


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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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While it was cool to see Waller's backstory, the comic is called Suicide Squad. I feel like there was so much potential with this storyline and it felt a little short to me. Too much wrap up too quickly by the end. I would like to see the whole team a little more often. Can we try, DC, to try a little harder to be a little better, m'kay?
  • Great opening
  • Don't mess with Waller
  • Don't mess with her family either
  • Where was the Squad?
  • over too quick
  • Ending was anticlimactic

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