Ahl Good Things Come to an End (Justice League of America #29 Comic Review)

Justice League of America #29: Dawn of Time Finale

Written by: Steve Orlando

Art by: Hugo Petrus

Cover by: David Williams and Steve Buccallato

What You Need to Know:

As the JLA chased Chronos back to the dawn of time, the wicked villain went through with the next step of a new plan: murdering the god of Superheroes.

What Just Happened: 

With the god Ahl, dead in a pool of his own blood, Chronos starts to fight back against the JLA personally. Frost gives her and the bruised and beaten Atom a timeout, surrounding them in a shield of ice for a kiss and a pep talk. Ryan goes back up to Chronos and does things his way: by shrinking down, he catches the villain off guard and snatches away his hourglass, undoing all of Chronos’s chaos. As the League goes back to watch over Ahl, time starts to shift as everyone looks on in awe as the god rises once again.

And now, it’s time for those loose ends to come together. Chronos gets sent off for some face-time with the main man, Promethea visits Killer Frost once more, and a new idea comes to the fray. Filled with familiar faces, it’s time for a new team: the Justice Foundation.

Reed Strong’s Strong Read: 

A new end is only a new beginning for a series for hasn’t been announced yet. Without even mentioning Orlando’s run in general, these last few issues made up an arc that oozed character, creativity, and just an undeniably fun charm for a superhero series. The Justice Foundation is a collection of some of the best characters Orlando has brought back over the last three or four years and looks to be leading to a bright future. Some of these characters may or may not get another chance to breathe, but they’ve had a hell of a time here.

What’s next for the JLA? Who knows? But the Foundation? Only great, great things.


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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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JLA was a fun, action packed, character packed, and heart packed superhero book. And this last issue showed exactly why its lasted as long as it has and hopefully, there's a new future ahead for these icons.
  • Steve Orlando's greatest side characters get to shine.
  • A grand, high-stakes ending.
  • Characters we might not see again get a proper send-off, if they're doomed back to obscurity or villainhood.
  • The Justice Foundation book isn't announced yet.
Art - 7
Story - 8

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