Stone Cold Stunner (Iron Fist #80 Comic Review)

Damnation Tie-in Part 3

Story by: Ed Brisson

Art by: Damian Couceiro

He is Danny Rand, protector of the innocent and defender of K’un-Lun. With his incredible fighting prowess and chi-fueled skills, none can harm that which the Immortal Iron Fist protects!

Previously on Iron Fist: In a shocking twist of fate Danny’s brief mentor, and former Iron Fist himself, Orson Randall has returned from the dead! His goal? Defeat 24 opponents in 24 hours to regain his soul and escape from Hell. Things get a bit complicated though when Danny’s own sister Miranda shows up, ready to take on Orson to regain her own freedom. Danny is put into a tough spot. What can he do to save both his sister and Orson from damnation? Keep reading to find out!

Today’s Smackdown of an Issue: It all comes down to this folks! Orson Randall vs Miranda Rand! Who will regain their freedom and who will be sent back to hell? If Danny has anything to say about it, both will be freed. How will this be accomplished you may ask? The answer is simple: Danny and the gang must take on the final twelve demonic fighters all at once! Can such a brutal fight be won and will Danny’s friends be freed from their hellish prison? Pick up the issue to find out!

Personal Thoughts and Opinions: These three tie-in issues have been nothing amazing but now that we’re at the end, I’ll admit that it was a brief but fun ride. The whole MMA/Boxing style was a neat setting to put Iron Fist through and it lead to some pretty good fight scenes. The return of Miranda Rand was an interesting surprise and I’m looking forward to seeing how she contributes to the comic in the near future. She’s certainly a more aggressive and impulsive foil to Danny’s relatively calm and thought-out demeanor. Sadly our main villain remains entirely forgettable. He doesn’t provide much depth besides providing obstacles for the heroes. I wish he’d had a bit more development or at the very least make him a bit more over the top and silly. The art is still pretty good. It has the more cartoonish quality but the fights are well drawn and the characters show a decent level of emotion in their faces.

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Jared Wood

Jared Wood

I'm just 23 year old nerd who loves Star Wars a bit too much and thinks Spider-Man 2099 deserves more recognition.
These Damnnation tie-in issues were a fun little side plot, but there wasn't much depth to keep me fully engaged. The action sequences were still enjoyable to look at and the plot was interesting enough to keep me coming back next issue. All in all it was a good detour but I hope the next arc has a bit more to keep me reading.
  • Good action
  • Fun Dialogue
  • Dramatic Tension
  • Average Art
  • Lack of interesting villain
Story - 7.5
Art - 7.5
Written by
I'm just 23 year old nerd who loves Star Wars a bit too much and thinks Spider-Man 2099 deserves more recognition.

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