The Passing of the Hammer (Mighty Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla #1 Review)

Mighty Thor: At The Gates Of Valhalla #1

Written by Jason Aaron

Drawn by Jen Bartel (“Tomorrow Girls”) and Ramon Pérez (“Lord of the Realms”)

Goodbye, Lady Thor!

Lady Thor is gone with the destruction of Mjolnir but Jane Foster has been brought back by Odin and the decree of Valhalla. In this last issue by writer Jason Aaron, we are offered two stories to with both a feel-good send-off and a promise of the chaotic future for Odinson as he takes the small remaining piece of Mjolnir from Jane and forges ahead to try and become worthy once more.

In “The Tomorrow Girls,” the three granddaughters of Thor (Odinson) have decided to travel back in time (with a few hiccups along the way) to meet Jane. They get their chance when they stumble upon her outside of her cancer treatment facility and typically gush at a fangirl level of excitement about the lessons she taught the Asgardians in her battle with the Mangog and what’s it’s like to be a true heroine (and goddess) at heart.

In “The Lord of the Realms,” we revisit Makelith who is so deliciously evil in this new Thor series. I’ve really loved how depraved Aaron has been able to write Makelith and his Dark Council so I am hoping the new writer embraces his darkness and goes with it. You see Makelith enacting his plans to have dominion over all with his dark council leering over the earth, where Jane is receiving her cancer treatments. It looks like while Lady Thor is out of his grasp, Jane might not be.

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