Rage Against the Dying of the Light [Suicide Squad #42 Comic Review]

Suicide Squad #42 – Constriction Part 2

Art by: Jordi Tarragona, Jose LuisCover by: Guillem March

Variant cover by: Francesco Mattina

Written by: Rob Williams










RECAP: Not wanting to watch anyone else lose a child to a death cult, Batman breaks Deadshot out of Bele Reve prison. Together they head to save Zoe Lawton and Waller collects Capt. Boomerang, Capt. Cold and Harley Quinn to bring them back.

THIS WEEK: With a few leads, Batman and Deadshot make their way towards Kobra’s secret hideout. While they fight their way through a bar full of Kobra followers, Batman reminds Deadshot a number of times to not kill anyone. Deadshot points out that Batman isn’t really all that different from himself. He’s willing to hurt people to get information, and we see a nearly unconscious Kobra fighter smashed into the hood of a semi truck’s front end. 

Cut to Zoe, watching the Kobra warriors gather and prepare to bring back the original Kobra by using her as a vessel. An outcast named Keenum seems like he might be friendly at first, but he’s actually the worst and claws her arms because he’s going to kill her…or so he thinks. Unfortunately for him, and all of Kobra, she is the daughter of Deadshot. Too bad it isn’t enough to get her out of the cage they’ve put her in.

Meanwhile, a few steps behind, Harley and the two captains are fighting over who is in charge. They fight with some of the Kobra henchmen that Batman and Deadshot already beat up and Harley is so happy to be back to her villain days chasing good guys.

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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This was a good “middle of the story” issue that doesn’t show a lot happening, but tells us a lot about our characters. Deadshot isn’t wrong about Batman. They are similar and Batman does do some questionable things sometimes. BUT, the difference is that Batman has his absolutes that he won’t cross, like killing people. Batman lives by a very structured law that he created himself. His years of experience have taught him the importance of it and I think it really is what makes him different from other people. It was also really great to get to know Zoe a little bit better. Unlike Damian who was raised from birth among the league of assasins, Zoe was taken after she’d already realized what she did and did not want in life. I’m excited to see how she handles her dad and Batman coming to her aid.
  • Batman kicking serious trash
  • Deadpool calling out Batman for being a jerk sometimes
  • Harley and the Captains
  • Not very much real action or progress in the story
  • a little bit predictable

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