No Justice (Justice League: No Justice #2 Comic Review)

Justice League: No Justice #2

Written by: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson

Art by: Francis Manapul, Marcus To

Colors by: Hi-Fi

Cover by: Francis Manapul

What You Need to Know: Follows up directly after the last issue with the imminent destruction of Colu at hand.

What Just Happened: With Brainiac being dispatched much earlier than anyone ever expected at the end of the last issue(and him reaching for Superman and dying in his arms did make me choke up a bit and even get a bit emotional). This issue follows up with the heroes having to stick to Brainiac’s plan and put aside their differences to find a way to ultimately save the planet from sure destruction but thanks to Brainiac unexpectedly dying they don’t exactly know how.

My Thoughts: This issue was just pure, unfiltered, good old fashioned, action-packed fun through and through at the end of the day. You definitely can tell this is a dream come true for Snyder and company getting to work with so many characters that he loves and he treats them all with respect. That honestly is the highlight of this series seeing so many of these characters from so many different avenues, walks of life, and facets of the DC Universe having to put aside their differences and work together. I mean just having some of them in the same scenes together is incredible and just a lot of fun and if there is one thing this series is going to be remembered for its the all-star lineup/roster and a cast of characters and their stellar interactions with one another. Standouts to me, of course, was some of the interplays between Lobo and Beast Boy both are always standouts when put in ensemble series and here is no different and of course Starro yet again as always he is the shining star of this series but I gotta do admit I really enjoyed seeing him hit it off with J‘onn of all people. I guess a kind and compassionate Martian and a world-conquering Starfish are just meant to be. Last thing worth noting has I liked the fact that they did address where other heroes where like Aquaman, Green Arrow, The Green Lantern Corp as well as other members of the Titans and Teen Titans. I was beginning to wonder where certain characters were.

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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Ultimately this series is just the fantasy football equivalent of storytelling. All of your favorite characters heroes and villains alike having to form an uneasy alliance going up against a threat bigger than all of them. Having to put their differences aside to save the universe. Couple that with some larger than life stakes, grand scale, lots of humor, some extraordinary artwork, and some fast paced over the top action and compelling storytelling with some beloved characters, You’ve got yourself a fun summer blockbuster series of magnitudes the like of which I’ve haven’t seen in years that I actually want to continue reading. Here is an event series truly worth every penny.

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