“Is It Possible For You To Be Something Greater?” (Justice League: No Justice #3 Comic Review)

Justice League: No Justice #3

Written by: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson

Art by: Francis Manapul, Marcus To, Riley Rossmo

Colors by: Hi-Fi

Cover by: Francis Manapul

What You Need to Know: Similar to its predecessor issue 3 drops you straight into the action and it’s been that fast pace that has managed to keep this series so exciting and compelling.

What You Need to Know: The League still have to manage to find a way to light the trees up. In the midst of all of this, of course, there is plenty of action and Snyder’s charm, wit, charisma, optimism, and humor to go around to continue to make this the entertaining summer event series that you want it to be. The issue still has plenty of stand out moments and is still incredibly fun and making it everything a fan could want out of a series like this. The stakes are higher than ever and we don’t actually know if our costumed heroes are going to make it out of this one on top at least not without some serious casualties along the way. At the end of this issue, they very much leave you in suspense on if this is a battle our heroes can even possibly hope to win.

My Thoughts: At the end of the last issue the big reveal was Brainiac 2.0 was being held captive inside the prison beneath Entropy here, of course, we learn he actually cannot help our heroes who are in dire need of some kind of saving here. There are some bright points Wonder Woman and Cyborg both manage to light their trees in pretty cool ways. Gotta love the attention to detail on getting Etrigan to always rhyme in every scene he’s in. If there were any criticisms honestly I wasn’t a fan of Rossmo’s art style. For some reason, they decided to switch out Manapul with Rossmo for the first half of the issue and I was just dying for the entire first half. I don’t normally like to be critical of art because then it just sounds like I’m being mean but while I’m sure the guy has done good work elsewhere this series just wasn’t for him. The transition is so noticeable, abrupt and jarring it takes you out of the fantasy and the immersion and it’s impossible not to notice the difference between artist. It’s essentially a miracle when Manapul comes back because Rossmo just completely takes you out of the urgency of this crisis level event and the book never fully recovers from it.

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Unfortunately, Rossmo’s brief stint as the artist while brief was still enough to knock this down a full point which is really unfortunate because aside from that I enjoyed everything else in this issue. There’s a pretty sad character death/sacrifice in here if you are a fan of the character and it’s such a great moment for this character it saves this issue from a lower rating because of how good it is. I know I’ve never mentioned it before but I really like the designs of the Omega Titans and they continue to be pretty cool and intimidating character designs. Luckily Snyder’s storytelling and overall light-hearted tone and humor continue to keep this a fun and exciting series that I continue to enjoy and overall love reading which I honestly have been having a lot of fun with. He ends this issue on a pretty high note which really raises the stakes and ups the ante in a way that all books like this should. Again it continues to be high stakes, fast paced, action packed, entertaining, and just overall fun read. Let’s just hope they stick to Manapul for the finale.

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