All That We See or Seem is but a Dream Within a Dream [Harley Quinn #43 Comic Review]

Harley Quinn #43: “One of My Turns” Part 1
Written by: Christopher Sabela
Art by:  Mirka Andolfo
Cover by: John Timms
Variant cover by: Frank Cho

What Just Happened:
Harley is back after a break and she’s ready to hit the streets! Except, she’s pretty sure someone is out to get her. After a VR Justice League game that ends with Harley smashing her way out and away from some glowing-faced creepers, Harley decides to go find the person who is after her before they find her. Along with her taxidermied beaver, Bernie, Harley stops by her favorite sandwich shop only to discover they’ve been robbed! And don’t think as highly of her as she may have thought. After pleading with her to not pursue the person who robbed them and assuring her she had nothing to do with it, Harley decides to leave, but she’s still convinced the robber was the same person who is after her.

All clues lead to an alleyway where she meets a guy in a hood who talks a little Yoda-ish and she discovers that he was brainwashed by Professor Pyg who hacked up his face and made him a mindless follower who thinks all that has happened to him is good. Fortunately for our friend, his antidepressants gave him a migraine that seemed to short-circuit the brainwashing, but he’s not eager to go back. Harley, however, is determined and goes down below the sewers to where the unknown followers of Profesor Pyg lie in wait.
About the Art:
I loved the way this story was drawn. In the beginning, you see Harley in the Watchtower with Superman and Batman, but they’re stiff and you quickly realize they aren’t real. Mirka Andolfo does such a good job of bringing out the depth and quirkiness of the characters in her art.  There’s a panel with string between the different images with push pins that really tie the panel together.

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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This was a good introductory issue to a new storyline, and while I really enjoyed it, it didn't leave me with very many questions, or things to dwell on for the next issue. Professor Pyg is intriguing, but I think the next issue could really go so many different ways and that is truly exciting.
  • Batman and Superman
  • Pennywise reference
  • Bernie the Beaver
  • A little too vague
  • Professor Pyg

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