Curse and Bless Me Now with Your Fierce Tears, I Pray (Suicide Squad #43 Comic Review)

Suicide Squad #43: “Constriction” Part 3

Written by: Rob Williams

Art by: Julio Ferreira, Eduardo Pansica

Cover by: Guillem March

Variant Cover by: Francesco Mattina









Batman and Deadshot are on the run from Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad (currently consisting of Capt. Boomerang, Harley Quinn, and Capt. Cold). They are trying to rescue Deadshot’s daughter, Zoe, who has been taken by Kobra.

This Week:

With the Squad getting closer, Batman and Deadshot are trying to get answers from the Kobra gang they ran into. Deadshot kills someone and doesn’t apologize for it, making Batman angry. Deadshot gets mad and starts a fight with him, which is pretty awesome. Batman explains that he’s helping because as a father, Deadshot has to learn to put his child before himself and he can’t kill people because as a parent, he has to be better.

About 3/4 of the way through this issue, we see Harley and the Captains again. They’ve hijacked a helicopter and are getting closer to Batman and Deadshot who make another run for it.

Then we shift over to Zoe. Kobra is determined to destroy her and thus also, destroy Lawton. They bring her down to their lair and force a mask with their crazy snake putting drugs in it. Is this the end of Zoe Lawton?

About the Art:

Okay, I’ma be real with you guys for a second. I loved the art in this one. In particular, the true and honest depiction of Bruce and his parents, which we’ve seen a thousand times. There was something real and raw about the look on his face as his parents are dying beside him. It’s poetic and beautiful, in a tragic way. I loved it. And I loved that I was affected by it. Very well done.

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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I love the progression we've seen with Batman since Damian Wayne was dropped on his doorstep. And even though this is a Suicide Squad comic, I love that Batman has evolved and it's easy to see wherever he shows up. I love that he's trying to help Lawson even though they are normally on opposing sides. I am still a little disappointed at how little the entire Squad is in this issue. I wish they would include it more because currently it kind of feels like a Batman issue with a few members of the Squad showing up from time to time.
  • Batman punching Deadshot in the face
  • Harley Quinn thinking she's on a submarine
  • Batman
  • Still not enough Squad
  • Deadshot punching Batman in the face
  • Capt. Cold and Capt. Boomerang's banter

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