“Well…that escalated quickly.” (Death or Glory #2 Comic Review)

“Well…that escalated quickly.” (Death or Glory #2)

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist / Cover: Bengal
Variant Cover: Julian Totino

What Happened Last Time: In the premiere issue of Death or Glory, we’re introduced to Glory, a young woman whose father, Red, is suffering from liver cancer. However, their choice to live removed from society is preventing Red from receiving the treatment he needs. Saving his life requires money, and Glory is determined to get her hands on some. Specifically, money earned by her smuggler ex-husband, Toby.

Plans in place, Glory tries to intercept a cash handoff, engaging in a shootout with Virgil and Darren, men who are working a job for Toby. She’s able to grab the cash, only to be thwarted by a mysterious, ruthless man who prefers to use liquid nitrogen as a weapon rather than guns. Glory manages to wound him in her escape, losing the money in the process. Bleeding and desperate, Glory steals a truck, only to discover Toby hasn’t been smuggling drugs. He’s smuggling people.

I want to start off by offering trigger warnings for violence and explicit sexual content. Even though I knew both were going to happen, it was still jarring. Especially compared to the level of violence in the last issue. At any rate, Death or Glory Issue #2 gives readers a better sense of just how high the stakes are. Glory has no idea what she’s gotten herself into, and it’s apparent she instantly realizes this.

After using what little money she has to buy bus tickets for everyone she found in the cargo truck, Glory sits and chain smokes as she contemplates what the hell she should do next. She’s now broker than when she was before, not to mention there’s the matter of the bullet wound in her side. Pablo, one of the men from the truck, refuses to leave with the others. Instead, he stays behind, determined to find out what happened to his family. He offers to help Glory, and at first, she refuses until she realizes she has no other options.

Meanwhile, Virgil has the unpleasant task of telling Toby that his money and goods were stolen, though they conveniently leave out the fact that Glory is the one who intervened. Virgil explains while he withheld this information, while he prepares to, um, “punish” Darren. (This is where the sudden sexual content came in and I was like “OH DEAR GOD, WHY?!”)

Toby is no longer the smooth, confident douche we meant in Issue #1. He has to try to explain to Joe, his boss, how, not only his money but his cargo disappeared. Through this multi-panel spread, we’re able to see why Toby is scared. And, we also learn the fate of Pablo’s family.

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Leani Lopez
Puerto Rican writer, mother, podcaster, and giant geek based in New Hampshire.
Issue #2 is a solid continuation of Death or Glory, and provides the readers with a greater sense of urgency, as well as more questions than answers, as any good story should. The world Glory lives in is far more sinister and depraved than we ever could have imagined, and I’m anxious to see if Glory eventually learns the scope of her ex’s work. And if she does, how will she handle it? My guess: not well.
  • We see Glory trying to process her situation, and failing miserably
  • More of Glory’s own morals are revealed
  • Pablo and Glory have an interesting dynamic, and very similar goals
  • Some motivations are revealed, fleshing out the world even more
  • Glory’s “Lone Wolf” schtick. I’ve seen it before and I hope the story starts to deviate from this trope
  • The scene in the police station came out of nowhere. Now that I know what to expect, I’ll prepare myself for future issues. For those who do not like explicit sexual content, you have been warned
Story - 8
Art - 9
Character Development - 8.5
Plot - 8
Written by
Puerto Rican writer, mother, podcaster, and giant geek based in New Hampshire.

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