A Glimpse of the Future! (Volition #1 Review)

User Rating: 8.7

Volition #1

Writer: Ryan Parrott 

Artist: Omar Francia

Letterer: Marshall Dillon

Cover A: Omar Francia

Cover B: Chris Evenhuis


Within these pages, a glimpse of the future awaits. A future where robots and humans live alongside one another. The beginning of the story introduces us to this world and to our hero, Amber 7T.

An artificial intelligence created by Dr. Elizabeth Traynor resulted in new life. And with this new life, a new set of problems. Instead of the expected hive-mind, robots are individuals with their own thoughts and desires. Adding to the problems, Elizabeth Traynor disappears, leaving the robots vulnerable until they can win their own version of human rights. There is no “robot apocalypse'” within the story. Robots do the work that humans can’t—or won’t—until they become obsolete. Obsolete robots often turn to crime to stay charged. Further, illegal upgrades cause the first Robot “STI” of sorts: a degenerative condition they call Rust.

After the history lesson, we see a group of robots stealing parts for an unknown reason. As it turns out, there is one robot willing to take the fall for his companions and we see him being interrogated. Apparently, this robot has a criminal record.

The story then follows Amber 7T, a nurse working with patients suffering from Rust. A long-term patient of hers is dying. In a fit of madness, the robot attacks Amber, interfacing with her and showing her a vision. Amber relays this information to her supervisor, claiming the patient showed her that Elizabeth Traynor is alive. Unfortunately for Amber, this news is met with an EMP attack that renders her unconscious and an order to decommission her.


The art is exceptional, making the book stand out even more. Similarly, the plot is immersive and has left me wanting more. The world building in this first issue has set a foundation I am intrigued to see be built upon. Waiting for the next installment is going to be a challenge.

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I am already in love with the concept, and with the art. I hope this will fill the void left by the end of Descender. Definitely worth picking up, if only for the art, but the story has layers that are only just beginning to show, and the intrigue of where it's going is going to keep me coming back.
  • Beautiful Art
  • Intriguing plot
  • Memorable characters
  • in-depth world building
  • Waiting for more is going be hard.
Story - 8.5
Art - 9
Readability - 8.5

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