*News Flash* Steve Orlando & Riley Rossmo bring us the true face of Martian Manhunter!!

It’s J’Onn J’Onzz’s time to shine once again, as writer Steve Orlando (Supergirl, Justice League of America), and penciller Riley Rossmo (Contantine: the Hellblazer, Dark Knights: The Batman Who Laughs) team up to bring readers a new twelve-issue Martian Manhunter miniseries this December!

Martian Manhunter #1 cover by Riley Rossmo

The near-all-powerful Green Martian will be familiar to non-comic readers from his recent starring appearances in the CW’s Supergirl series, alongside Smallville before that, and has appeared in numerous recent animated series, such as Batman the Brave and the Bold, Justice League: Action, Young Justice, and the DC Animated Universe’s Justice League/Justice League Unlimted. In the comics, he’s most recently appeared as part of Scott Snyder’s Justice League series, reappearing in Justice League: No Justice after an extended absence following his previous solo series’s conclusion in May 2016.

The miniseries is set to re-examine the origins of the Martian Manhunter, as his previous life on Mars becomes entangled with his new life on Earth; J’Onn in his human guise of police detective John Jones will find himself investigating a murder that appears connected to his former life on Mars.

Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter/Riley Rossmo/DC Entertainment

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Orlando shared “I’ve been calling this my dream project online for more than a year”, adding that the character has been one of his favourites since he was a kid, “there’s no character I wanted to work on more.”

Artist Riley Rossmo shared with THR his interest in getting to develop Martian culture, “There are all these different aspects, and I really love the design challenge of that. Like, what does a building look like for people who don’t really need furniture? It’s an abstract visual problem solving thing that feels pretty unique.” 

Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter/Riley Rossmo/DC Entertainment

The two creators, who previously collaborated on Batman/The Shadow and the Rebirth crossover storyline Batman: Night of the Monster Men, are eager to team up again, Orlando sharing “the complexity in Riley’s storytelling is innovative and new” with Rossmo stating “But the Martian stuff, the family stuff, has been really emerging as the part that really grabs me. There’s a moment in issue 1 that they all have as a family together, and it brings a tear to my eye, because you know where it’s going, and what’s going to happen.”

Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter/Riley Rossmo/DC Entertainment

Orlando concluded his interview with THR on a hopeful but sombre note, stating that the series ultimately about the second chance that J’Onn’s been given on Earth, “That’s really what the series is about, and by the end, we’ll find out if he’s strong enough to make the Martian Manhunter a hero, to make him inspiring to people instead of just a reminder of what happened to his people in the past”.

You can experience this tale of redemption yourself, this December!

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A comic-loving doofus eager to see the worlds on the page reflect the wonderfully diverse world we all share!

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