I Am The Master of My Fate, I Am The Captain of My Soul (Harley Quinn #50 Comic Review)

User Rating: 10

Harley Quinn #50: Harley Destroys DC Continuity!


Art by: Various, John Timms
Cover by: Amanda Conner
Variant cover by: Frank Cho
Written by: Sam Humphries












WHAT JUST HAPPENED: Harley has been busy, but she is finally back on Earth, her home is safe, and she’s not being chased by anyone at the moment. When she finally has a few minutes to sit down after “stopping” Lord Death Man, she found a stack of comics about herself and picked them up.

THIS WEEK: What Harley didn’t know was that by reading those comics, she’d be threatening the DC Universe’s continuity. While walking with her mom at Coney Island, Harley tells her about the cool things in the comics and realizes that they show her life up to that very moment and the continuity of the entire universe starts to become affected by it! Just as Harley turns to her mom, her mom turns into rose petals and drifts away in the wind. Upset by this, Harley starts to freak out, naturally. But as she does, Jonni the Continuity Cop shows up to try and help.

It’s too late, though, because Batman’s origin story has already changed! And same with Superman, Swamp Thing…all of them. With each ripple in the time stream, more and more changes happen to the characters we know and love. Jonni takes Harley to an old school castle that is full of different Harley’s. They mention that if Harley reads the comics backward it should reset the timeline but before Harley can start, there’s another shift and she loses the comics again.

Jonni mentions that the only chance they have left is to go find the author of the comics – M. Clatterbuck. Once Harley and Jonni find her, however, they notice that she’s just a regular person that is just a huge Harley Quinn fan. Harley still plans on beating her up and demands that Meredith bring her mom back but Meredith doesn’t know what she’s done.


Once she explains to Meredith what’s happened and stops the Justice League Multiverse, Harley picks up Meredith’s paper and pencil and begins to write a new comic. One about her Mom and if you don’t feel at least a ping in your heart at that moment, you are heartless and probably kick puppies and baby seals for fun too.

And thus, Harley saves the multiverse and restores the DC Continuity!

ABOUT THE ART: I loved the different mediums and styles in this issue! It was so great seeing all the different styles each time a ripple effected them! It was beautifully drawn and the story was wonderfully told!

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