Rainbow Killed the Black and White (Rainbow Brite #1 Comic Review)

Writer: Jeremy Whitley

Artist: Britney Williams

Cover: Paulina Ganucheau

What you need to know:

Rainbow Brite is BACK! And she’s awesome again! But let me just pause here and give everyone who isnt either a huge cartoon buff(like me) or an 80’s kid, Rainbow Brite is an 80’s children’s property.

She had everything from a TV show to action figures and dolls to a movie and she was well loved for her charm, compassion and childlike sense of wonder(which makes sense considering she’s a child). Summoning up the power of rainbow magic she fought back against evildoers who fought to rid the world of its many vibrant colors.

Well, anyone who wanted to see that, a hero with a sense of wonder and a heartwarming imagination, got what they were after here.

In an obligatory but well-written origin story, we learn about Willow and Wisp, two young friends with strong imaginations playing together but quickly their imaginations seem almost too real as they are attacked by a color eating monster. With the help a Spritely helper and newfound abilities, Wisp begins her quest to take down the monsters, as Rainbow Brite!

What I thought:

I honestly kind of loved it. This is very clearly targeted at a younger audience, but its got kind of a Calvin and Hobbes or Adventure time feel to it, like it has room to expand. It feels like this comic is likely to mature over time and I’m excited to see some of the content and topics that will be addressed moving forward. The characters do feel like they are developing as their own thing, and Whitley has done a lot to change/update the property, most of which works very well.

The art is very stylized and like other projects that Whitley has worked on feels targeted for kids, but dont let that distract you, the art is still very awesome, and the story was interesting enough(it was an origin after all) to catch you or your child’s attention and keep you reading.

Despite the fact that I loved it, it does have its flaws as it very obviously targeted and intended for a younger audience and so panders to them in ways that sometimes undercut the emotion of the story.

But these are all things that can definitely be fixed up and improved upon in future issues, as for this issue? Rainbow Brite is back baby.

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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Classic superhero and cartoon property Rainbow Brite is back, and shes better than you remembered.
  • Nostalgia
  • Diversity
  • Relatable Young Characters
  • Charm
  • Fun
  • Childish
  • Lacking depth
Characters - 8
Story - 6
Art - 7
Depth - 7

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