*NEWS FLASH* BaTO To Be Resolicited

This past week, when solicits were available for February 2019, it was learned that Batman and The Outsiders, writer Bryan Edward Hill’s upcoming DC book, was to be solicited for a later date in 2019 rather than its original December 12, 2018 release. Rumors soon spread that the book was canceled until Sunday afternoon when Mr. Hill cleared the air about the situation regarding BaTO.



When questioned on Twitter about the status of BaTO, Bryan Edward Hill answered: “Ah. OUTSIDERS is not being canceled. The pre-orders are being canceled because I have to make adjustments (per other DCU events) but it will be re-solicited after the adjustments have been made. As I understand.


We here at Shoot The Breeze reached out to Mr. Hill, asking if the adjustments were to avoid contradictions, to which he replied: “I shouldn’t get into details, but we’ll maintain cohesion. That’s all I should say.”

Earlier this year, in August, writer Scott Snyder revealed his plans for Justice League, going into 2019. One of these was an event which involves Superman and Batman which sounded like it would be toward the end of the run. Along with DC’s other current events, Doomsday Clock and Heroes in Crisis, which recently featured Batman, it’s likely that Hill’s Batman and The Outsiders was not entirely cohesive with DC’s plans.


We will update you with further news regarding Batman and The Outsiders as it becomes available.


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