Spider-Gwen VS Gwen Goblin! Who Will Win?! (Ghost Spider #3 Comic Review)

Writer: Seanan McGuire Artists: Rosi Kampe Cover: Bengal What You Need to Know: The Spider-geddon war is raging on with the Spider-Men and Woman of as many dimensions as possible against the Inheritor...

8 Great

Oh the Inhumanity!! (Death of the Inhumans #1 Review)

Writer: Donny Cates Artists: Ariel Olivetti Cover Artist: Kaare Andrews Variant Cover: Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson, Javier Garron & Romulo Fajardo, Greg Hildebrant, Kaare Andrews Colors...

6.5 Fair

“Stained Glass” (Cloak & Dagger S1E3 TV Review)

  Cast: Aubrey Joseph: Tyrone/Cloak Olivia Holt: Tandy/Dagger Peter Hoar: Director LAST WEEK ON CLOAK & DAGGER: Tyrone’s powers lead him to a chance meeting with the cop that murdered h...

7.2 Good

“First Light” (Cloak & Dagger S1E1 TV Review)

Cast: Olivia Holt: Dagger Aubrey Joseph: Cloak Synopsis: Two very different worlds collide as Tandy and Tyrone discover they have acquired super powers that work at their best when the two teenagers a...

8 Great

Brutality Cometh ( X-Force: Sex & Violence Back Issue Review)

X-Force Sex & Violence #1-3 Art by: Gabriele Dell’Otto Cover by: Gabriele Dell’Otto Written by: Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost       In 2010 Marvel unleashed one of their ...

9.6 Amazing

What Will You Do Jane Foster? (The Mighty Thor #706 Comic Review)

At the Gates of Valhalla   Writer: Jason Aaron Artist: Russell Dauterman Cover Artist: Russell Dauterman Variant Cover Artists: Walter Simonson & Laura Martin; Marco Checchetto; Mark Bagley, ...

9.2 Amazing

Can Gwen Stacy Save You Gwen Stacy?! (Spider Gwen #31 Comic Review)

Gwenom Part 6   Writer: Jason Latour Artist: Robbi Rodriguez Cover: Robbi Rodriguez What You Need to Know: Gwenom had Matt Murdock in her clawed hands after fighting against Captain America. But ...

7.8 Good

WHO WAS THE VILLAIN?!! (Jessica Jones Season 2 TV Review)

Jessica Jones Season 2 Starring:  Krysten Ritter – Jessica Jones Rachael Taylor – Trish Walker Eka Darville – Malcom Ducasse Carrie-Anne Moss – Jeri Hogarth Janet McTeer –...

5 Average

Fun For the Whole Family – A Look Back at Punisher on PS2

Another GodzillaMendoza look back at a classic Marvel action game about a family man named Frank!